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Frequently Asked Questions

Higher education has traditionally been complex, exclusive and even intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. As you’ll see by clicking on any of these common employer questions, helping your people to realize their full potential and drive success in the workplace is now more practical and flexible than ever before. Still have questions? Call us at 888.327.SNHU. We’re here to help.

We already work with universities. Why partner with SNHU?

In a word, alignment. Traditional universities often struggle to educate diverse frontline workers who don’t match the usual college student profile; conversely, many online institutions can only offer employers a source of low-cost diplomas, rather than solutions to address the increasing complexity of work in a global economy. What makes SNHU different is that we are aligned to the needs of both workers and employers.

For nearly 90 years we’ve addressed big-picture learning issues: flexibility and affordability for working adults, work-relevant skills that pay off immediately, innovative support for non-traditional students, and harnessing education to transform individual lives and organizations. So SNHU can offer true collaboration, presenting you with strategic programs and insights that help meet your larger enterprise-wide goals for competitiveness and organizational culture.

Equally important, our Workforce Partnerships team makes SNHU easy to work with. Through a single dedicated contact, we provide efficient access to the resources of America’s largest private nonprofit university. The result is a one-stop source of meaningful solutions and measurable impact for every stage of your talent pipeline.

If we become a partner, what do we have to do?

Becoming an SNHU partner starts with identifying joint objectives that satisfy the needs of your organization as well as SNHU’s mission. These objectives vary from partner to partner, but always relate to leveraging education for the improvement of your workforce. By creating pathways to a bachelor’s degree, for example, SNHU and your organization might plan to reduce turnover across a given department by 10%.

In return for impacting your organization, SNHU values your support in furthering our mission to expand access to education for those who need it most. We ask for the following commitments from all partnering organizations: a single point of contact who can provide access to other partner stakeholders as needed; communication resources to promote education opportunities; plus staff support to fulfill any jointly agreed upon projects. We’ll do the rest, including marketing support to help drive employee interest in your education benefits.

Can SNHU help us demonstrate return on investment (ROI)?

Yes. In fact, SNHU’s commitment to maximum transparency includes reporting on the progress of enrolled employees, with the option of in-depth ROI measurement based on partner data and collaboration. As a result we can help you assess program impact or even leverage our end-to-end research capabilities, for new insights that evolve your learning program further. To see documented examples and case studies, visit our Resource Library.

What other companies does SNHU work with?

SNHU is proud of its partnerships with more than 150 companies nationwide, including:

  • Anthem
  • Boston Children’s Hospitals
  • Comcast
  • Five Below
  • Genesis Health
  • Grifols
  • McDonald’s
  • Partners Healthcare
  • Swift Transportation
  • TriHealth
  • University Hospitals
  • Walgreens

Do you offer anything besides degree programs?

Absolutely. At SNHU we’re redefining higher education credentials to go beyond rigid degree programs, offering personalized pathways with “just the right learning, at just the right time, at just the right place” in the lives of learners. Examples include:

  • Micro-learning options such as certificate programs or digital badges, enabling faster acquisition of specific skills or credentials with the flexibility to apply them toward a degree program later
  • Prior learning assessment that awards college credit for qualifying workplace training, industry-recognized certification or licensing, in addition to credit transfers through articulation agreements with cooperating schools and organizations
  • Tailored or custom learning programs created to meet partner upskilling goals via short courses, credit-bearing college coursework or non-credit corporate training

Meaningful learning doesn’t require years – or a framed degree. At SNHU we strive to achieve results within the same timeframes facing our partners and learners.

What is SNHU’s admission policy?

Consistent with our mission of making education accessible to all, SNHU is an open-access institution with a streamlined admission process that removes many of the barriers traditionally facing new college students.

For example, incoming students will discover:

  • No admission fee for undergraduate degree programs;
  • A low $40 admission fee for graduate programs, well below those of many comparable online universities;
  • A simplified online application requiring only basic student information such as contact data, demographics, program of interest and previous college experience;
  • Responsive personal support from SNHU admission representatives, guiding applicants through the process by phone in as little as half an hour;
  • Assistance obtaining academic transcripts for enrollees at no charge;
  • Program options for all GPA levels, provided the applicant has graduated high school or received their GED;
  • No GRE, GMAT or SAT test score requirements;
  • Rolling admission decisions throughout the year for maximum flexibility.

How do you help our employees succeed?

Every new learner is assigned a personal academic advisor who assists with their initial transition to SNHU, providing information about majors and connecting them to learning resources so they can take ownership of their education. After they are later assigned a dedicated faculty advisor to help them explore their major and career choices, our Academic Advising Office continues to be a helpful presence – providing support throughout their time here.

And that’s only the beginning.

Student-friendly technology is critical to the online learning experience at SNHU. Consequently we have invested in a robust technology support infrastructure capable of serving more than 100,000 active online learners – and then taken it a step further:

  • Students can connect with the helpdesk 24/7/365 via a chat function, phone, email or by submitting a request through the student portal;
  • Our Online First-Year Experience (OFYE) team drives a more rigorous student onboarding process than most online universities, introducing students to institutional expectations and culture in the online space while also facilitating nationwide knowledge exchange with other academics through our “OFYE Matters” blog series;
  • SNHU’s Online Accessibility Center (OAC) supports students who have difficulty accessing content, via personalized one-on-one guidance, assistive technologies such as video captioning, audio description and transcripts, plus collaborative partnerships with faculty and staff to improve student access and inclusion.

In addition, SNHU’s best-in-class academic support teams bring a uniquely personal approach to online guidance. Writing coaches, math coaches and peer tutors are available to students in whatever way suits them best: one-or-one, topical webinars, research and citation support, written feedback on assignments, writing or STEM coaching, as well as basic English language assistance.

Many of these support services employ the latest in brain-based teaching techniques – promoting self-determination, contemplative practices and ownership of successes in order to increase self-awareness, self-esteem and persistence. Because helping your employee finish their program successfully really is the bottom line.