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Student Assistance Program (SAP)

SAP is a benefit designed to provide a confidential service to students whose personal problems are adversely affecting job or academic performance.

Although SAP is primarily designed to address alcohol and other drug abuse problems, the following associated problems may be addressed by the program: family problems, marital conflict, financial problems, legal problems, emotional illness, domestic violence, and eating disorders.

Referral and assessment services are confidential, free of charge, and easily accessible. Any services that are provided beyond the SNHU campus may involve costs to you, but in some cases are discounted or covered by your medical insurance.

In addition to these services, the SAP committee meets regularly to review student violations of the Southern New Hampshire University Alcohol and Other Drug Policy and Procedures. Reviews by the committee are conducted to identify behavioral patterns that pose a health or safety risk to the individual and/or university community.

Based on the circumstances of the incident, the SAP committee determines appropriate measures to address the behaviors and make contact with the student. These measures are employed in an effort to educate and challenge students to think more clearly before making decisions in the future that involve alcohol and other drugs. Examples of measures employed by the committee include personal letters, dissemination of educational materials, participation in an educational seminar, one-on-one meetings, personal contacts, and off-campus assessments.