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Will My Credits Transfer? Transferring credits can save you time and money.

Transferring to one of SNHU's campus programs? Get the additional details you'll need.

"I Transferred 90 Credits – Letting Me Finish My Bachelor’s in a Year."

Jaime Carter

That's what Jaime Carter '21 said about earning her online degree at Southern New Hampshire University. She transferred her entire associate degree, as well as other credits she'd earned along the way.

Students like Jaime — and you — choose SNHU to take advantage of some of the most transfer-friendly programs in the country.

Apply and Get a Transfer Credit Evaluation – For Free

Could you have up to 75% of your undergraduate program done by the time you start at SNHU?

Here's how you can find out:

2Submit Transcripts

Get your transcripts requested — for free. Chat with an admission counselor, and we'll request your transcripts on your behalf.

3Review Your Evaluation

Soon after all your transcripts are in, you'll get your official evaluation. It will show you what was transferred in – and what classes you have left to complete.


You’re in! Choose your online start date or campus start date.

71% of SNHU online bachelor's students transferred in college credit

during the 2021-22 academic year

As a transfer student, you're in good company. Most students at SNHU have tried college before. So if you're transferring credits in, you're in the majority.

The More You Transfer, The More You Save

At SNHU, you can transfer in up to 90 credits from previous college courses or other life and work experience. That's up to 75% of your SNHU online degree, which can potentially save you time and thousands of dollars on your online degree program.

Potential savings for an associate degree:

Potential savings for a bachelor's degree:

Potential savings for a master's degree:

Ashleigh Coker

What SNHU Students are Saying

Ashleigh Coker '21, BA in English Language & Literature

“The fact that almost all my previous credits transferred over was huge and helped drastically. Not many universities allow this to happen.”

It’s Easy to Transfer College Credits to SNHU

Discover Other Ways to Get Credit

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Community Colleges

So you've earned an associate degree. Let's get you to your bachelor's.

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Credit for Prior Learning

Those certs, exams and training you've completed? We'll give you credit for them.

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Military Credit

You've developed skills — and that's definitely worth credit at SNHU.

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