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Counseling & Psychology School Online or On Campus

Earn one of several psychology degrees available online or on campus at SNHU, and become well-versed in major psychological concepts, human behavior and research methods through case studies and experiential learning. You'll also develop critical-thinking and communications skills important to communicating effectively in many formats.

Psychology: With our unique programs - from child and adolescent development to forensic psychology - you'll be prepared for a wide variety of careers in case management, research, human resources, youth services and social services.

Counseling: You'll develop the skills necessary to handle the emotional and mental needs of clients. With your guidance and compassion, you'll help lead others on the path to wellness.

SNHU offers affordable, flexible online degree programs that allow you to go to school on your schedule and graduate from an accredited, private, nonprofit university with a vested interest in your success. Or, if you choose to attend on campus, you'll enjoy small class sizes and easy access to expert faculty and dedicated advisors as well as a number of practical learning experiences as an intern or volunteer.

Explore our psychology and counseling degrees today.

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