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A different path to your degree

Unlike traditional online classes, SNHU’s "College for America" programs are a more personalized path to your degree. These programs are project-based, which means students work exclusively on projects to demonstrate their mastery of the required skills—without tests, quizzes or letter-grades. They can apply their existing job skills and knowledge to move faster through the degree program, or use the learning resources included in the program to spend more time learning new skills. These programs are ideal for self-motivated learners who want maximum flexibility and the freedom to accelerate. The time it takes to earn a degree depends on how quickly a student can successfully complete the required projects.

SNHU’s Personal Path programs are available only through SNHU’s partner organizations, so check with your employer to see if they’re available to you.


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AA in General Studies

Regardless of your job, an associate degree in general studies will help develop personal, foundational, and business skills you can use - strengthening your critical thinking, problem solving, and communication abilities.

Available with concentrations in:

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AA in Healthcare Management

The healthcare system is continually changing, and the jobs within it are changing too. Our nonclinical healthcare degree equips you to work as part of a high-functioning medical team, using insights from workforce and industry leaders to develop a wide array of skills that can help improve patient care, satisfaction, and outcomes.

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BA in Communications

A communications degree is valuable and versatile, helping you excel in the channels and information sources employers deal with every day. With social media, mobile technology and big data, we live in an increasingly information-driven world—and you’ll be up-to-date with the changing ways we communicate.

Available with concentrations in:

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BA in Management

A bachelor of arts in management gives you the skills needed to plan, direct, and coordinate the diverse operations of modern organizations. Our management degree is designed to help you develop skillsets - formulating processes, managing daily operations, overseeing financial management, and planning the use of materials and human resources.

Available with concentrations in:

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BA in Healthcare Management

Our bachelor of arts in healthcare management prepares students to be effective healthcare administrators, whether in hospitals, private practices, pharmaceutical or research organizations, insurance companies, non-profits or government agencies. The concentration in communications helps people-oriented professionals develop the skills for rewarding healthcare opportunities.

Available with concentrations in:

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Certificate in Healthcare Management Fundamentals

Our project-focused certificate program shares insights from workforce and industry leaders about the skills you need to improve patient care, satisfaction, and outcomes as a nonclinical healthcare professional. If you are interested in continuing your education, this certificate is “stackable” so once you earn this certificate, you are halfway to an associate degree.

The Certificate in Healthcare Management Fundamentals was created in collaboration with Partners HealthCare, with a Health Care Workforce Transformation Fund grant, administered by Commonwealth Corporation, and provided through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a College for America degree program right for me?

These degree programs are a great fit if you:

  • Learn well outside a traditional classroom
  • Want a degree in a program such as general studies, business management, communications or healthcare management
  • Have existing skills you wish to build upon in a work-relevant program, or want to master new ones
  • Are self-motivated, can manage your own deadlines, and prefer the freedom to accelerate toward your goals more quickly
  • Enjoy working on projects independently, with 1-to-1 support as needed

How is SNHU’s College for America different from traditional college?

Unlike traditional programs that require you to complete a certain number of credits or courses, our College for America programs let you earn your degree by mastering specific skills (competencies) and completing real world projects instead of taking tests.

For example: students might complete personal projects for review by professional educators and subject matter experts. In addition to being provided with a full variety of educational resources, they can also make use of their existing knowledge and skills to demonstrate mastery of the required competency.

With our programs, you can work through learning materials as quickly or slowly as you like before submitting your project to subject matter experts for review. If your project shows that you have mastered the skill, you move on to the next requirement; if not, you can go back and re-submit your project as many times as it takes to master the skill. Many people find it to be the perfect fit for their learning style, offering flexibility and a list of mastered competencies they can show to employers.

How long will it take me to earn my degree?

Time to degree completion will vary, based on how fast you complete the required projects.

Will my current credits transfer?

SNHU’s College for America programs do not accept individual credits at this time. However, if students have a complete Associate degree that meets SNHU’s requirements, they may start immediately in a Bachelor’s program. An official credit evaluation is completed for each student as part of the application review process. Students receive their official transfer credit evaluation upon acceptance to the university. Associate degrees must be at the college level from an accredited institution and must meet SNHU’s Gen Ed requirements.