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SNHU Academic Integrity

It's your degree

Your degree is what you make it. When you put in the work, it means something—and for all of us at SNHU, that means everything.

Academic integrity is the commitment to produce original and ethically responsible work as a student and beyond. Taking ownership of your work not only adds value to your education today — it helps build a future you can be proud of tomorrow. And at SNHU, that shared commitment is central to what we do.

Here are some ways to practice academic integrity at SNHU: 

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Know your resources

Our own Shapiro Library hosts countless tools to support academic integrity — from a guide to citing sources and 1:1 feedback sessions, to workshops and online community engagement.

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Discover new content

There’s a lot to know about academic integrity. Our newsroom and video content help cover the basics, such as why it’s important, where to find help and how to avoid plagiarism and cheating.

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Show your commitment

Last, but not least, apply what you've learned. Remember: you're never alone. If you ever feel stuck, you can always reach out to peers, professors, tutors or advisors for help.