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Graduate Education for Licensure Programs

Elementary, Early Childhood and Special Education Clinical M.Ed and Secondary Clinical M.Ed Programs

Southern New Hampshire University offers two graduate-level education for licensure programs. The programs offered are Elementary and Special Education, Early Childhood and Special Education, and Secondary Education. These programs are campus cohort, field-based models. Students who successfully complete the program earn a master’s degree in education and are recommended to the State of New Hampshire for education licensure.

Elementary and Special Education / Early Childhood and Special Education Clinical M.Ed Programs

These programs prepare teacher candidates to become licensed classroom teachers in one of the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Education (N-3) and Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (N-3)
  • Elementary Education (K-6 or K-8*) and Special Education Teacher

*Elementary Education (K-8) Requires additional middle school testing based on 15 credit concentration in one of the following areas on your transcripts: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies)

Secondary Clinical M.Ed Program

This program prepares teacher candidates to become licensed in middle and/or high school in one of the following content areas:

  • English (5-12)
  • Mathematics, Middle Level (to Algebra 1/ Integrated 1)
  • Mathematics, Upper Level (Pre-Algebra to AP Math)
  • Science (5-8) 
  • Social Studies (5-12)

All students enrolled in education for licensure program must meet and maintain specific academic and professional standards throughout their program. At designated points in the program (known as "gateways"), students' academic and professional growth is monitored by the Office of Educator Preparation.