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Upskilling with Digital Badges

Learn a new skill. Get some recognition.
Maybe even some college credit.

Through Southern New Hampshire University, you can earn credentials throughout your degree program. These badges are worthy of attention on both your resume and social media.

A Mark of Mastery

SNHU Global Citizen Nursing and Health Professions Badge  SNHU Full-Stack Data Analytics Badge SNHU Critical Thinking Badge

When you get a badge from SNHU, you’re able to quickly highlight the skills you’ve recently developed.

These badges also may be worth academic credit. So not only does the time you spend upskilling get you that, but it could also save you money on your college degree. (Possibly thousands!)

SNHU has been a leader in innovative thinking. Online for 25+ years, it awards credit for eligible coursework, exams, training – almost anywhere that learning happens.

72% of learning and development professionals want to upskill and reskill their employees

Establish Your Expertise

Find out what a digital badge can do for you.

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