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General Education Courses Online Prepare for career success at SNHU

Build Enduring Skills Through Your General Education Courses

You're pursuing a degree to transform your future, and we believe in empowering you with the confidence to tackle whatever comes next.

Today, being successful in your career requires more than industry knowledge — it takes effective communication, critical thinking, creative problem-solving and decision-making skills.

That’s why we’ve redesigned our general education program, called The Commons, to provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills that can help you thrive in multiple facets of your life and career.

Academic Achievement

Gain foundational knowledge that sets you up for success throughout your studies.

Career Success

Learn highly applicable skills that translate across professional environments.

Global Citizenship

Identify ways to contribute meaningfully and positively to the world in life and work.

Why “The Commons”?

Our general education program is called The Commons because it offers a core academic experience for all undergraduate students. You'll develop a common set of skills that will help you succeed at SNHU — no matter which program you pursue. And those same skills will be applicable throughout your personal and professional life.

What You’ll Learn

Through your general education courses, you can develop a wide range of skills that are crucial for success in both your SNHU classes and the workplace. Some key learning outcomes include:

  • Communication and collaboration. Practice sharing your ideas and working with others in different situations.
  • Decision-making. Learn how to create informed, ethical solutions to complex problems.
  • Intercultural fluency. Discover how to navigate working with people with different perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Using theoretical and practical tools. Learn how to use both big ideas and real-world skills to solve problems and make decisions.

Simply put, these general education classes can help you develop your ability to reason, think critically and communicate effectively across disciplines through a variety of learning experiences.

Course Structure

The Commons is a comprehensive general education curriculum structured around three key categories:

1. Cornerstone Courses

Start your journey by immersing yourself in general education courses that introduce you to fundamental knowledge. These courses will help you understand the basic ideas and concepts that are the building blocks of your education. From writing and math to online learning, cultural awareness and sustainability, you'll gain a well-rounded educational experience.

2. Exploration Courses

Expand your horizons and embrace your civic responsibilities with our range of exploration courses. These courses instill the values and knowledge required to be an engaged individual, both locally and globally. Delve into subjects like Ethical Decision-Making and Problem-Solving, Diverse Historical Narratives, and STEM and the Scientific Mindset.

3. Culmination Courses

Our culmination courses provide you with an exciting opportunity to explore the interconnections between productive citizenship and a variety of fields of study. By bridging academic disciplines, these courses enhance your understanding of how different areas of knowledge contribute to a well-rounded education.

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Empowering Your Academic Journey

The Commons is more than just a general education program — it’s a transformative experience that prepares you for a meaningful and successful college career. Our primary goal is to empower you with the tools and abilities to become an effective critical and creative thinker, as well as a confident decision-maker.

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Your Path to Career Success

At SNHU, we believe that your success is not limited to the classroom. The Commons prepares you to positively contribute to society, both during your academic journey and throughout your career. By developing enduring skills – such as reasoning, critical thinking, and effective communication – you'll excel not only in your SNHU classes but also in the workplace.

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Inspiring Global Citizenship

As part of SNHU’s mission of supporting justice, equity, diversity and citizenship, The Commons also seeks to give deeper meaning and value to your academic pathway. We believe building a more just and equitable society is a cornerstone of education. The Commons breathes life into this vision, helping you not only prepare yourself for success, but inspiring you to positively contribute as a global citizen.

See the full curriculum for online general education courses in our academic catalog.

SNHU English composition instructor Ashley Franklin. Ashley Franklin

Instructor, English Composition

In addition to teaching English composition at SNHU, Ashley Franklin is also a published author. Her books include "Not Quite Snow White," published by Harper Collins in 2019, "Better Together, Cinderella" (2021) and "The Little Mermaid: Make a Splash" (2023). Read Franklin's Q&A.

SNHU humanities instructor Larry Burns.Larry Burns

Instructor, First-Year Experience

Humanities adjunct Larry Burns teaches in SNHU's First-Year Experience program, including the courses Self, Society, and Humanities; Perspectives in Humanities and Applied Humanities. In 2023, he was awarded a year-long grant from Creative Corps Inland Socal to develop "Making Refuge," an interactive exhibit to engage build house-like structures out of discarded materials and toys. Read more about Burns' project.

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