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Responding Together to COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, working together is more important than ever. Uniting as one community to share critical resources and information is not only a sign of solidarity, but a sign of our collective commitment to the good and wellbeing of all people. So we’re dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date information, as well as free, online learning resources that can help our students, our faculty and staff, and the greater academic community navigate the challenges we’re all facing. Because knowledge makes us all stronger.

Campus Decision Spring 2021

Due to the public health crisis and the guidelines from federal, state, and local officials, SNHU will be continuing with mostly remote courses in the Spring of 2021. SNHU is exploring additional options to allow for in-person labs and other learning opportunities that rely on specialized classroom equipment or technology.

For students who are struggling with their learning environments at home, SNHU is offering the option for a limited number of students to live in campus housing during the Spring 2021 semester, while studying remotely. SNHU will prioritize students who are faced with unsafe housing or students who are unable to learn effectively in a remote environment due to distractions at home, unreliable access to the internet and technology, family and personal obligations, and other hardships.

For these students, housing will be $4,250 for the semester, to account for single occupancy. These students will be charged a mandatory, non-refundable $1,200 meal plan for the semester, as long as a minimum number of students are in campus housing. If the minimum number is not reached, students will reside in apartments and will not have the option for or be charged for a meal plan, and must instead prepare their own meals.

Campus life will not be the same as students have known, with in-person offices and services available remotely, the majority of events and classes remaining remote, and strict rules on social distancing and gathering. Guests are not permitted on campus at any time and students who are approved to live in campus housing will be held to incredibly high behavioral standards.

For more information on this the Spring 2021 semester, read our Message to Campus Students. There is also a special page with a Message for Innovation Scholars.

Free Online Learning Resources

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We’ve worked with industry leaders to develop free, online learning resources for effective online teaching to help you navigate the potential challenges ahead. From effective online teaching strategies to supporting diverse online learners, we're committed to providing support and guidance during this critical time.