SNHU 2016 Excellence in Teaching and Advising Awards

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At Southern New Hampshire University, we value the impact our faculty and staff members have on our students, and we believe it is important to recognize their hard work and commitment to student success. The Excellence in Teaching Award and the Excellence in Advising Award were introduced to honor faculty and staff members who have made a lasting impression on our students.

The award finalists are selected based on a student-driven nomination process, and then a committee of faculty, administrators and students use the nomination information to select the recipients. Every year, the award winners are formally announced at commencement. The 2016 award recipients were revealed on May 14.

The Excellence in Teaching Award

The annual Excellence in Teaching Award is used to recognize outstanding teaching in its many degree programs at SNHU to full-time and adjunct faculty members.

Award Criteria:

  • Effectiveness as a classroom teacher
  • Commitment to advising and/or tutoring students beyond what might be expected
  • Professional development to remain current in the discipline and teaching
  • Contributions toward building the reputation or image of the university
  • General attitude toward students that demonstrates a concern for their welfare

SNHU's 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award recipients:

  • Dr. Susan D'Agostino
  • Ashley Liadis
  • Kathy Elane Johnson (Ulrich)
  • Dr. David Sze

2016 Excellence in Teaching Award from the University College undergraduate, full-time faculty was awarded to Dr. Susan D'Agostino, associate professor of mathematics in the School of Arts & Sciences. D'Agostino started at SNHU as an assistant professor of mathematics in 2009 and has been in her current role since 2014.

"Over the years, Susan has demonstrated a strong work ethic and continual pursuit of excellence in the classroom; it is second to none. Dr. D'Agostino utilizes a teaching style of lecturing to engage students, challenge them, and demonstrate the analytical perspective that math majors require. Although her lectures are creative, efficiently articulated and methodical, what is even more impressive is the mentality she holds. Pertaining to Dr. D'Agostino's attitude within the classroom, she treats every student with equality and respect," said a student nominator.

2016 Excellence in Teaching Award from the University College undergraduate, adjunct faculty was awarded to Ashley Liadis, Organizational Leadership Department in the School of Business. An SNHU alum, Liadis has worked in numerous departments at SNHU throughout her career. In 2002, she started as an admission counselor and has been in her current role as assistant director of The Learning Center since 2008.

"I believe Ashley deserves the Excellence in Teaching Award because of her devotion to her students, her knowledge of her course's material and her incredible method of teaching to reinforce concepts," said a student nominator.

2016 Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for SNHU Online was awarded to Kathy Elane Johnson (Ulrich), Writing, Composition, and Literature.

"Writing stories about your life and then having someone critique them is a scary and vulnerable experience. Professor U made that experience comfortable, rewarding and meaningful with her dedication, sense of humor, warm-hearted spirit and support," said a student nominator.

2016 Lead Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for SNHU Online was awarded to Dr. David Sze, STEM. He started at SNHU as a COCE adjunct faculty member and is currently a full-time COCE faculty lead.

"Dr. Sze is an incredibly patient instructor who teaches an incredibly difficult class. He provides each student every tool necessary to succeed and will gladly assist when he can. He helps a student believe that they can achieve their educational goals, regardless of the challenge before them," said a student nominator.

2016 Excellence in Advising Award

In order to recognize and reward the significant impact that advising has on our students' success, the University College bestowed an Excellence in Advising Award to one deserving professional advisor and one faculty advisor.

Award Criteria:

  • Understands and effectively communicates the curriculum, graduation requirements, and university policies and procedures
  • Encourages and guides students as they define and develop realistic academic goals
  • Encourages and supports students as they gain the skills to develop clear and attainable educational plans
  • Encourages students to use appropriate resources and services available to them as SNHU students
  • Guides students to understand the purpose of higher education and its effects on their lives
  • Assists students in gaining decision making skills and assuming responsibility for their educational success
  • Monitors and accurately documents student progress toward meeting individual goals
  • Is accessible to students during office hours or by appointment, and responds in a timely manner when communicating with students by telephone or email
  • Maintains confidentiality

SNHU's 2016 Excellence in Advising Award recipients:

  • Dr. Audrey Rogers
  • Sarah Robbins

2016 Excellence in Advising Award from the University College undergraduate, full-time faculty was awarded to Dr. Audrey Rogers, associate professor of education in the School of Education. Rogers started her current role at SNHU in 2007.

"If she is helping to mold the future of education here at SNHU for years to come, then I have great faith in the future of our field and the students who will be transforming into the educators of tomorrow," said a student nominator.

2016 Excellence in Advising Award from the University College undergraduate professional advisors was awarded to Sarah Robbins, senior advisor, Office of Academic Advising. Robbins has held numerous roles at SNHU, starting as a graduate academic advisor for COCE. She has been in her current role since 2013.

"Sarah is an exceptional academic advisor. She displays interest, care and patience with her advisees. She will go to great lengths to help someone achieve their goals in academia, and she does it all with a smile. Sarah embodies what it means to be an academic advisor and is the perfect choice for the Excellence in Advising Award," said a student nominator.


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