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SNHU Spotlight: Jeanrobert Dumont, BS in Healthcare Administration Grad

Jeanrobert Dumont '23, a bachelor's in healthcare administration SNHU graduateJeanrobert Dumont '23 said it all came full circle when he earned his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Healthcare Administration. Having put college on hold for 38 years, Dumont said he knew it was time to finish his degree.

“I left college at age 19 because I had a child,” he said. Years later, after watching that child graduate from college, Dumont said he wanted to secure his own degree. He wanted to be able to tell his son, “Dad did it!”

Though Dumont lives in Florida, he said that his family has strong ties to the New Hampshire community. His father, Pastor Dumont, has a church in the area, and his sister also attended and graduated from a college in New Hampshire. When it was time for Dumont to choose a university, he said he knew he wanted to graduate from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).

Dumont stressed the value of perseverance when pursuing an education.

“Life happens,” he said, “Just don’t give up.”

When submitting his final assignment, Dumont said he felt such a sense of accomplishment. He had made a promise to his family that he would finish this degree, and when he had accomplished this goal, he said, “It was a proud moment!”

Dumont, currently a licensed optician, said he gained the knowledge to expand his opportunities in the healthcare administration field. “Now,” he said, “I can open multiple stores or maybe work in a hospital.”

In attendance at Commencement was Dumont’s support system: friends from high school visiting from New York, his family, and his 70-year-old mother, who celebrated a birthday only a week before. When Dumont asked her what she wanted for a gift, he said his mother replied: “I don’t need anything — you’ve already given it to me. It’s your graduation.”

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Abigayle Mahnken is a writer from South Carolina, who is currently earning her master's in creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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