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SNHU Spotlight: Rakia Green, MS in Healthcare Administration Grad

Rakia Green, a 2023 SNHU Master of Science in Healthcare Administration graduateOriginally, Rakia Green '23G wanted to be a doctor. When his path changed, he wasn't deterred from his dream to help people. He decided to work behind the scenes instead to improve health outcomes for people in his community.

"I found out that individuals that have a master's in healthcare administration and go into healthcare administration are actually the ones who make changes in healthcare," Green said. "Why not be the individuals behind the scenes empowering the doctors and allowing them to better take care of patients?"

That's precisely what Green wants to do now that he's earned his online master's in healthcare administration and is using the knowledge he gained at work.

"I apply different things that I learned from my professors every day," Green said.

Green made his first trip to New Hampshire from his home in Atlanta to receive his diploma. He said he was excited about the future but that completing his program was also bittersweet.

"SNHU was an amazing program. It was full of (help) and support, so I'm glad that I went here," he said. "Even though I'm sad the journey's over, I'm glad I did the journey here. It feels amazing."

At Commencement, Green wore a stole showing his status as a first-generation college student. He said it was a token that meant anything is possible.

"This is just an important symbol to me that your past and what you come from does not define your future and what you can achieve," he said. "I wear this as a symbol to start a new tradition. It ... motivates me to go further so I can motivate my little cousins."

Green began his degree program in 2019, completed his studies and continued working through the Covid-19 pandemic. The experience was challenging at times, he said, but also one of growth.

"It definitely made me a more resilient person," he said. "Going through this program and going through the pandemic, it definitely made me a stronger person. Sometimes, there's going to be bumps in the road. You just have to keep going."

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Joe Cote is a writer at Southern New Hampshire University. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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