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SNHU graduates Darian Beauchamp and Catherine Mosquea wearing their caps and gowns along with their young son at SNHU Commencement.

Online Degree Programs for New York Students

Join more than 17,000 current students and graduates from New York who chose Southern New Hampshire University to earn their degrees and positively transform their lives.

25+ Years of Excellence in Online Education

Southern New Hampshire University has been helping students like you reach their goals online since 1995. And with some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation, you can get the skills you need at a more affordable price.


SNHU is accredited by NECHE — which means we meet certain standards of academic quality and are set up to help students succeed.

Affordable Tuition

Enjoy some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation – plus discounts for eligible military students.

200+ Programs

Explore our associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs – or grow your skill set with a career-focused certificate.

SNHU has partnered with employers, military organizations and community colleges throughout New York to help provide even more affordable online degrees to students like you.

You can check whether your employer has already partnered with us.

SNHU graduate Sheila Barnes, who earned her bachelor's in criminal justice in 2023, wearing her cap and gown

What SNHU Students Are Saying

Sheila Barnes '23 – Brooklyn, New York

Sheila Barnes earned her bachelor's degree in criminal justice and graduated alongside her twin sister, Sharla, in 2023. Sheila said the flexibility of online classes was a perfect fit with her work schedule and she has some advice for anyone considering an online degree from SNHU.

“If you're thinking about it right at this moment, just go and do it. It's as easy as that,” Sheila said.

SNHU in Your Community

Darian Beauchamp '22 and Catherine Mosquea '22 earned their college degrees online with SNHU – and so can you.

SNHU graduates Darian Beauchamp and Catherine Mosquea wearing their caps and gowns along with their young son at SNHU Commencement.

Darian Beauchamp, and his wife Catherine Mosquea, both 27 from Brooklyn, New York graduated together in 2022, each earning an associate degree in criminal justice. Inspired by their son, the pair decided to go back to school to finish their degrees to show him that “anything is possible.” Catherine works in a shelter helping children, people experiencing homelessness, and survivors of domestic abuse. Darian works as a security receptionist at a nonprofit company. With a passion for helping others, they both aspire to use their criminal justice degrees to become NYC police officers.

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