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Michael Richards standing in his cap and gown after graduating with an online computer science degree with a concentration in software engineering.

Online Computer Science Degree Bachelor's Program (BS)

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Register By: June 29 Classes Start: July 01

Build a future in computer science

  • $330/credit (120 total credits)
  • Transfer up to 90 credits
  • Median annual salary of $127,260 for software developers1
  • Accredited by NECHE
  • Learn Python, Java and C++
  • Use industry-standard software development and testing tools

Computer Science Degree Overview

Gain the skills you need to enter one of the nation's fastest-growing fields with your online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science from SNHU.

SNHU's online degree program employs industry-standard software development with popular programming languages such as Python, Java and C++. You can further expand your toolbox with experience in full-stack development and cloud integration using JavaScript, NoSQL and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Armed with these skills, along with fluency in today's most widely used programming languages, you'll be proficient with software employers use – giving you a critical advantage that can help advance your career.

Aligned with industry standards: SNHU's online CS degree program employs industry-standard software development and testing tools like Eclipse, OpenGL, Cucumber with Maven and Junit testing.

Technology resources: SNHU provides cloud-based virtual environments in some courses to give you access to the technology you need for your degree – and your career. Learn more about our virtual environments.

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What You'll Learn

  • Software project planning
  • Portfolio creation and management
  • Agile software methodologies
  • Full-stack development
  • Security mindset

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How You'll Learn

At SNHU, you'll get support from day 1 to graduation and beyond. And with no set class times, 24/7 access to the online classroom, and helpful learning resources along the way, you'll have everything you need to reach your goals.

Concentration Options

Is a Computer Science Degree Worth It?

Earn Your Computer Science Degree Online at SNHU

Whether you’re new to the field or looking to build your resume, Southern New Hampshire University’s online BS in Computer Science degree offers a perfect pathway to advance your career.

Computer Science Career Outlook

Earning a bachelor's in computer science will also help prepare you for jobs across a number of different industries and organizations.

Michael Richards with text Michael RichardsGraduates like Michael Richards '23 appreciate all of the career opportunities SNHU's online bachelor's in computer science degree has to offer.

“Now I get to completely change my career. Instead of just making a living, I get to do something I’m passionate about," Richards said.

Our online computer science degree helps you position yourself for roles including:

Software Developer

Be the inspiration behind the next software programs and applications. A bachelor's in computer science can give you the skills you need to learn the programming languages essential for success in the job.

Systems Analyst

Develop the knowledge that lets you create more efficient systems, networks and protocols. Your BS in Computer Science prepares you to work with clients and get to the root of their technology issues.

Software Tester

Seek out bugs and defects in software before larger audiences use your product. An online bachelor's in computer science can position you to join a team that understands the importance of quality assurance.

Full-Stack Developer

Take on both front-end and back-end development when you earn your computer science bachelor's degree. Master techniques and the newest technologies with the skills you'll acquire.

Dr. Francis J. Manning III, adjunct computer science faculty and academic partner

"Computer science is enabling technologies that provide the foundation for advancement across all industries," said Dr. Francis J. Manning III, adjunct faculty and academic partner at SNHU. "These technologies support automation, information security, data analytics and all of the necessary capabilities that enable other industries to continue to advance."

Job Growth and Salary

Prospects for software developer occupations appear promising in the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this increased demand is due to a growing need for new mobile-friendly applications, as well as innovative software in the health and medical insurance industries.

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Job Growth

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for software developers is expected to grow much faster than average – about 25% through 2032.1 For those looking to break into the field, the BLS also notes that most workers will need a bachelor's degree at the entry level.1

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Although salaries can vary by region and responsibility, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that software developers earned a median annual salary of $127,260 in 2022.1

Understanding the Numbers
When reviewing job growth and salary information, it’s important to remember that actual numbers can vary due to many different factors — like years of experience in the role, industry of employment, geographic location, worker skill and economic conditions. Cited projections do not guarantee actual salary or job growth.

Start Your Journey Toward an Online Computer Science Degree

Dr. Sharon Kibbe, associate dean of STEM programs (including computer science) at Southern New Hampshire University

Courses to Prepare You for Your Career

Dr. Sharon Kibbe, Associate Dean of STEM programs at SNHU

"As a part of their coursework, students will develop a digital portfolio of artifacts to demonstrate their technical skills to prospective employers."

Computer Science Courses & Curriculum

SNHU's computer science program is designed to help you gain the skills you need to succeed in the modern workforce — with a career-focused curriculum, affordable tuition and the flexibility you need to fit your degree into your busy life.

120 Credits

8-Week Terms

100% Online

No Set Class Times

Students enrolled in the online computer science degree program at Southern New Hampshire University will have the opportunity to develop critical technical and professional skills through work on authentic, collaborative, industry-specific projects, as well as through the exploration of emerging tools, technologies, and environments in the field of computer science.

SNHU graduate Derald Wise talking on his cellphone while working at a laptop computer.

The program curriculum will help you gain a solid understanding of fundamental programming techniques, algorithms and data structures, as well as the mathematical computation and quantitative reasoning skills that underpin the work done in the field of computer science.

Instructors with real-world experience in their field will help you build skills you can use immediately in your career. Plus, you'll create a portfolio that showcases your work.

SNHU's BS in Computer Science program includes:

Degree-Specific Courses

The courses in this program prepare the learner for a career in software with relevant and emerging topics in the software industry, such as industry-standard programming languages and tools, operating systems, systems architecture and design, algorithms and data structures, software security concepts, agile team development, mobile and full-stack development. You'll gain the experience required to develop professional programs using the full software team development process with career-focused experience that employers expect.

General Education

All undergraduate students are required to take general education courses, which are part of SNHU's newly redesigned program, The Commons. The goal of The Commons' curriculum is to empower you with some of the most in-demand skills, so you can succeed not only in your academic career, but in your personal and professional life too.

Earn IT Credits

If you've earned IT certifications through organizations like Cisco, CompTIA, (ISC)2 or Oracle, you may be eligible to receive credit toward your degree program. If you’re seeking certification, some IT and computer science courses can help you prepare for specific exams.

Earn Math Credits

Save time and tuition with our Pathways to Math Success assessments. Depending on your scores, you could earn up to 12 math credits – the equivalent of 4 courses – toward your degree for less than $50 per assessment. For additional information, or to register for a Pathways to Math Success assessment, contact your admission counselor or academic advisor today.

University Accreditation

New England Commission of Higher Education Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit institution accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) as well as several other accrediting bodies.

Tuition & Fees

As a private, nonprofit university, we’re committed to making college more accessible by making it more affordable. That’s why we offer some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation.

We also offer financial aid packages to those who qualify, plus a 30% tuition discount for U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty.

Online Undergraduate Programs Per Course Per Credit Hour Annual Cost for 30 credits 
Degree/Certificates $990 $330 $9,900
Degree/Certificates (U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty)* $693 $231 $6,930

Tuition Rates are subject to change and are reviewed annually. *Note: students receiving this rate are not eligible for additional discounts.

Additional Costs No Application Fee, Course Materials ($ varies by course)

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