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Pamme Boutselis

Pamme Boutselis a senior content director and adjunct at SNHUPamme Boutselis ’15, ’17G is an award-winning writer and content producer, currently serving as a senior director of content and a communication adjunct at Southern New Hampshire University. She loves hearing and sharing stories. As a writer spanning a 25-year career, her work has been featured in print and online via news media, career and education-focused blogs, regional magazines, technology publications and more.  

A bachelor’s and master’s in communication — earned as an adult learner — positively impacted her life and career, melding decades in diverse industries with professional and academic knowledge and experience. A serial volunteer, Boutselis has been a TEDx organizer since 2013 and a speaker coach. She’s been fortunate to work with dozens of nonprofits throughout the years. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Featured work by Pamme Boutselis

Tracey Burraston a 2015 BA in psychology graduate from SNHU and her daughter standing next to a brown horse

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Earning your degree online can offer the flexibility to manage your studies around personal and professional commitments. Whether juggling a job, family obligations or other responsibilities, earning your degree online can empower you to advance your education at a pace that works for you.

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Daniela Barrios Reyna

Psych Grad Uses Degree to Support, Celebrate Diversity & Inclusion

Daniela Barrios Reyna ’20 earned her bachelor's in psychology from SNHU and wants to become an expert in resilience, coaching and positive psychology for the Hispanic community.

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Two students walking in front of Monadnock Hall

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