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Blue over lay over SNHU student in engineering class

Meet Our Authors

Meg Palmer, is a graduate and freelance writer at SNHU

Meg Palmer

Meg Palmer ’18 is a writer, scholar and adjunct in higher education. With a background as the editor for SNHU’s student newspaper, she followed her interest in writing and discourse into graduate school.
Deidre Ashe, a senior copy director at SNHU

Deidre Ashe

Deidre Ashe ’18G is a senior copy director at SNHU with a lifelong passion for writing and degrees in journalism and communication. Prior to her time at SNHU, Ashe spent a decade in the media industry.
Abigail  Mark, a graduate, brand copywriter and contributing content writer at SNHU

Abigail Mark

Abigail Mark ’23G is a brand writer at SNHU with four years of experience working in student support roles. She also teaches creative writing to online undergraduate students as an adjunct instructor.
Nicholas Patterson, is a graduate and writer at SNHU

Nicholas Patterson

Nicholas Patterson ’22 is a writer at SNHU, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing. He is currently honing his craft further as he pursues an MFA in Creative Writing.

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