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Blue over lay over SNHU student in engineering class

Social Sciences

An archeologist uses tools to uncover skeletal remains at an excavation site.

​What Can You Do with an Anthropology Degree?​

If you love learning and are curious about the people and world around you, you might consider a degree in anthropology and explore how you can fill roles in both the public and private sectors, working in business, health care, advocacy and more.
Woman showing what can you do with a human services degree in the community

What Can You Do with a Human Services Degree?

If you're drawn to working closely with your community and the people that make up your neighborhood, a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services is a degree path worth your consideration.
A psychologist and client sitting in chairs during a therapy session.

Different Types of Psychology Degrees and the Jobs Within Psychology

With a degree in psychology, you can use core skills such as research, decision-making and communication to work in a vast array of fields, including business, counseling, human resources and many more.
A lock icon and lines of circuitry around it.

What is Cybercrime?

There are many options toward building a career in cybercrime or augmenting a career in another area by adding cybercrime expertise. Understanding the basics of cybercrime and how to use that information to protect yourself and your business is key as individuals and professionals.

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