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SNHU Spotlight: Stephen Hearn, MS in Accounting Grad

Stephen HearnStephen Hearn had a concrete goal when he enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University’s master’s in accounting program. While he already had a bachelor’s degree, he wanted to become a Certified Public Accountant and needed additional education first. 

“I wanted the opportunity to be able to work and continue to get my graduate degree at a reputable school known for its business pedigree,” he said. “When I chose to pursue SNHU, I knew I would get a challenging and fulfilling degree that was worth every penny while also being able to cater to my schedule and pace — especially during the busy season for public accounting.” 

Hearns needed to earn 150 credits to sit for the CPA exam, but he also wanted to continue working while he went to school. By enrolling in the online program, he was able to continue working in public accounting, including at a large firm in Boston, followed by a transition to the private sector working for a regional brewery and distribution center. 

“SNHU allowed me to get there and provided me great preparation toward taking the CPA exam shortly after completing my degree,” he said. 

But Hearn got more than college credits during his program. He also learned lessons about teamwork and how to interact with different people. Many of his classes involved group work with 2-5 other students, which was a unique setting given the online format. 

“From there I learned different ways to be able to add in my points and find out alternative ways to communicate with the group,” he said. 

Since each learner in his courses had different schedules, Hearn said he learned the value of establishing achievable timelines to complete work assignments by prioritizing communication with his partners. 

“This was something I was able to use in public accounting and now with my finance team in the private sector,” Hearn said.

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Joe Cote is a staff writer at Southern New Hampshire University. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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