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A woman working on her laptop and reading through papers working on her business degree

What Do Business Majors Do?

Learning about what business majors do, what business majors learn and what classes one can take as a business major can provide you with an overall view of what the field of business is all about. It can also help you decide which area of business is the right one for you.
A woman who earned an online MBA holding a tablet and working on a laptop.

Is an MBA Worth It?

Whether or not to pursue a Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is a big decision. There are many factors to consider – personal, professional and financial goals among them, but the convenience and affordability of today's online MBA programs can help make it a worthwhile investment.
Two professionals learning what MBA stands for as they sit in a business meeting

What Does MBA Stand For?

If you're looking to further your career in business, earning an MBA degree can be an important first step. Explore the value of a Master's of Business Administration degree and discover how they can offer opportunities across a broad range of businesses and industries.
Two women sitting in front of a desktop while considering what you can do with an MBA

What Can You Do With an MBA?

Earning an MBA demonstrates exceptional leadership ability and strong critical thinking skills. There are many key benefits to earning an MBA as well as opportunities to customize the degree with a concentration. 

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