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SNHU Spotlight: Mellissa Honings, BA in Psychology Grad

Mellissa Honings, a bachelor's in psychology graduate at SNHUWhen Mellissa Honings '23 started her degree at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), she didn't know where it would take her — or who she might meet along the way.

"I saw the commercials, and they drew me to SNHU," she said. "I've felt like a part of the family ever since."

She started by earning an associate degree in business online from her home in New York. "Somewhere along the way, I tried a class in psychology, and I was hooked," she said.

So, she decided to stay the course and earn a bachelor's in psychology, too.

While at SNHU, Honings became especially close with her academic advisor, Becca James, who supported her throughout the transition and the rest of her program. She said James listened to everything she had to say and truly cared about her. 

"I couldn't have asked for a better advisor," said Honings.

She noted that she could always rely on James throughout her time at SNHU, and the two have formed a lasting connection. "I'm very happy and blessed to have her in my life," she said.

She and James finally met in person at SNHU's Fall Commencement in 2023 after Honings crossed the graduation stage with her bachelor's degree.

"It's wonderful to finally put a face to the wonderful voice I've been hearing," Honings said of meeting James. "It's like meeting your really good friend for the first time ever. That's really, truly how it feels."

Despite finishing her bachelor's degree, Honings decided her time at SNHU wasn't over yet. Next up, she plans to advance her expertise by pursuing a master's in psychology.

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Mars Girolimon '21 '23G is a staff writer at Southern New Hampshire University where they earned their bachelor's and master's, both in English and creative writing. In addition to their work in higher education, Girolimon's short fiction is published in the North American Review, So It Goes by The Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library, X-R-A-Y and more. They're currently writing their debut novel, which was Longlisted for The First Pages Prize. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

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