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Transfer Credits from Community College

And if your school is an SNHU partner,
you'll get extra benefits — like a discount on online tuition.

7 Reasons Why You Should Transfer to SNHU

You need a college that meets your goals and your schedule. SNHU can be that school for you.

It's because we all have the same goal of providing affordable, accessible higher education to students like you who want and need it.

1. Transfer Friendly

Bring in up to 90 credits toward a bachelor's degree.

2. Number of Degrees

Enroll in one of 200+ programs – online or on campus.

3. Affordable Tuition

Take advantage of some of the lowest tuition rates in the country.

4. Seamless Pathways

Get a free transfer credit evaluation that shows how your credits are applied.

5. Knowledgeable Faculty

Learn from experienced instructors who bring insights to the classroom.

6. Support Systems

Count on your academic advisor, tutors and a host of student resources.

7. Career Services

Work with a career advisor to connect with employers in your area.

Partner School Bonus for Online Students

10% tuition discount for online students at partner schools across the country.

Partner School Bonus for Campus Students

10% tuition discount for campus students at partner schools in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Ask An Admission Counselor

Amanda Jennings, Admission Team Lead

Amanda Jennings

"Students transfer from community colleges for a variety of reasons, and you can receive an official evaluation of your prior credits so that you can see how your transfer credits can fit into your program. At SNHU, we aim to make the transfer process as easy as possible – and we work to maximize your hard-earned credits."

Find Your School

If your community college is listed, you may be able to take advantage of tuition benefits.

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SNHU EXPLAINS: Moving on to a Bachelor's Degree

What are the benefits of continuing your education after getting an associate degree? Think about gaining a competitive edge in your job search.

Benefit from a School Partnership with SNHU

That's why SNHU builds relationships with 2-year schools around the country: to help you continue investing in yourself – and in an affordable education beyond an associate degree if your professional or personal goals require a bachelor's.

Because our team has already worked with so many students from your partner school, it makes it even easier to process your free application and perform your free transfer credit evaluation.

And it puts you that much closer to your bachelor's degree.

Adam Wolpert

What SNHU Students are Saying

Adam Wolpert '20

“I started online classes at SNHU after completing my associate degree. I actually completed my bachelor's much quicker than expected.”

Become an SNHU Partner

Work at a community college and want to create more opportunities for your alumni and staff? Offer them the benefit of discounted tuition from a leader in online education.

Contact the University Partnerships team today.

Note: Multiple discounts can not be applied to tuition. However, SNHU team members will make sure that you receive the discount that benefits you the most.

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