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Graduate Certificate in Six Sigma Online Prepare for Black Belt Certification

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Get Ready for Six Sigma

  • $637 per credit for 12 credits
  • Earn credit for prior learning
  • Boost your career in project management
  • Upskill for the job you want
  • Apply certificate courses to an MS in Project Management
  • Prepare for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam

Graduate Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate Program Overview

Pursue a coveted certification in the world of quality improvement. The Six Sigma Black Belt Graduate Certificate online program was designed to help you prepare for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam.

If you're ready to become a change agent improving an organization's efficiency through project leadership, this program could be a good choice for you. Through a thorough study of Six Sigma principles and to define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) model, this program can help you in gaining the knowledge needed to become a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

The Six Sigma online graduate certificate program is especially beneficial to individuals working in manufacturing and production-oriented industries, as well as consumer-facing roles. This program is also appropriate for individuals with bachelor's degrees in different fields—like STEM or another area of business—looking to specialize in Six Sigma. QSO 625 also helps students to prepare for the Six Sigma certification exam.

Learn how to:

  • Apply basic lean enterprise concepts and be a leader in agency of change
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of the define measure, analyze, improve and control phases of project management
  • Assign team member roles and responsibilities in context of team dynamics
  • Ensure efficient processes, implementation and analysis

Receive Credit for Prior Learning

You've earned it. Now take advantage of it. If you already have the following certifications, you may be eligible to waive certain courses, helping you save time and tuition.

  • Active Six Sigma Black Belt Certification for QSO-625: Six Sigma for Black Belt Certification

Career Outlook

Six Sigma is one of the most commonly used quality management methods in the modern business world, and Black Belt certification is a way to show off your expertise. Our online Six Sigma Black Belt graduate certificate program provides the educational knowledge that can help you prepare for Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

In the Six Sigma Black Belt Graduate Certificate program, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to help you establish process improvements in quality assurance, systems and process engineering, logistics, supply chain management, operations management and procurement.

These skills are highly sought after by businesses and supply chains and are especially beneficial to professionals in manufacturing, engineering, operations and executive positions. After completing the program, you might explore positions like:

  • General/operations manager. Be in charge of the planning, strategies and policies that help organizations reach their goals in an efficient manner. You'll oversee large strategic initiatives and direct daily business operations. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median annual salary of $122,860 for this role in 2022.1
  • Industrial production manager. Want to work in manufacturing? Coordinate, plan and direct production operations within an organization. You'll put your knowledge of scheduling, budgeting and data analysis to work to streamline the production process. According to the BLS, industrial production managers made a median annual salary of $107,560 in 2022.1
  • Management analyst. Find ways to increase efficiency in an organization. You'll analyze data to advise managers on how they can improve their businesses by reducing costs and increasing revenue. BLS reports a median annual wage of $95,290 for management analysts in 2022.1

Finishing your graduate certificate and earning the distinction as a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt could help give you a competitive advantage in the job market. Not only do these accomplishments qualify your expertise, but they could also signal to employers that you're a hard worker who's serious about professional development.

This program is designed to help you prepare for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam. However, it neither guarantees to help satisfy the eligibility requirements for taking a Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam nor ensures a passing grade on a Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam.

Understanding the Numbers
When reviewing job growth and salary information, it’s important to remember that actual numbers can vary due to many different factors — like years of experience in the role, industry of employment, geographic location, worker skill and economic conditions. Cited projections do not guarantee actual salary or job growth.

Start Your Journey Toward an Online Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate

Courses & Curriculum

This graduate certificate can help you become effective in using the DMAIC approach to identify the root causes of process inefficiencies and eliminate them. Your study of this approach to quality management and process improvements can help you develop skills in:

  • Determining the cause of process problems and issues
  • Using statistical tools to measure and analyze deviations from effective processes
  • Taking corrective steps to eliminate issues and improve processes
  • Controlling process deviations to ensure an efficient process and quality outcomes

If you're ready to pursue Six Sigma certification, this graduate certificate program is a great step. Enhance and update your project management skills in these 4 courses:

  • Applied Statistics for Managers. Learn how to use the statistical tools and techniques that can help you make an impact on business process. Using real-world business examples, you'll analyze a multitude of cases in order to prepare you to apply your knowledge in your career.
  • Six Sigma Quality Management. Design and implement quality control and improvement systems. You'll be introduced to modern methods of quality management, statistical quality control and quality improvement techniques. You'll also discuss international standards on quality management. Using computer technology, you'll complete case studies.
  • Six Sigma for Black Belt Certification. Designed to help you prepare for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam, this course will introduce advanced concepts in Six Sigma and gain a command for lean project management tools. You'll learn about team management, waste elimination, the DMAIC phases and the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) approach. Note: This course alone doesn't guarantee to satisfy eligibility requirements for taking a Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam, nor does it ensure success on a Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam.
  • Project Management. Study the concepts, tools and practices of project management. You'll learn the managerial process approach to project management, which consists of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing projects. Dive into subjects like scope, time, cost, quality, risk, resources, communications and how to manage projects effectively.

These courses were designed to give you an in-depth understanding of Six Sigma processes in order to help you prepare for Six Sigma certification. Each certification provider has specific requirements to sit for the exam that may not be covered by this program alone. SNHU does not guarantee a passing grade on the Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam as a result of completing this program.

Because the certificate is a deep dive into process improvement, you may need to take a foundation course – MBA-501 Mathematics and Statistics for Business – if you didn't cover the curriculum in your undergraduate program.

Have you been considering earning a full graduate degree in project management or operations, but aren't sure? This master's-level certificate program can be completed in 6 months, and you can apply the 12 credits toward our master's in project management if you decide to continue your education further.

Tuition & Fees

At SNHU, we’re committed to making education more accessible, by making it more affordable.

Beyond low tuition rates, we help our students save through transfer credits, credit for prior learning, grants and scholarships, tuition assistance and more. U.S. service members, both full and part time, as well as the spouses of those on active duty are also eligible for a 25% tuition discount.

This certificate is not eligible for federal financial aid. Students seeking alternatives to federal financial aid can explore tuition assistance, grants and scholarships, as well as private loans. To learn more about private loans, visit our Funding Your Education with Student Loans page.

Online Graduate Programs Per Course Per Credit Hour Annual Cost for 15 credits 
Degree/Certificates $1,911 $637 $9,555 
(U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty)*
$1,410 $470 $7,050 

Tuition rates are subject to change and are reviewed annually.
*Note: students receiving this rate are not eligible for additional discounts.

Additional Costs:
No Application Fee, Course Materials ($ varies by course). Foundational courses may be required based on your undergraduate course history, which may result in additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

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University Accreditation

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit institution accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) as well as several other accrediting bodies.

This program and its concentrations are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Student achievement data can be found on College Navigator.

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