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Asynchronous Classes The college education you want. With the convenience you need.

What are Asynchronous Classes?

If your calendar's already full, asynchronous classes could be the solution to making college work for you.

"Asynchronous" means not being attached to time. So when it comes to asynchronous learning at Southern New Hampshire University, it means you can do your classwork when and where you want.

Having no set class times makes college doable for students who work, have family or who've committed to personal obligations.

24/7 Access to Materials

Everything for your courses is always right at your fingertips – not in a building you can't always access.


Balance your individual course or degree program with work and other outside responsibilities.


Asynchronous classes are typically better for your budget than in-person courses.

What SNHU Graduates are Saying

Kaitlin Seme

Kaitlin Seme '20

"With my work schedule, it was impossible for me to attend in-person classes at certain times. At SNHU, I felt more focused and in control of my time."

Are Asynchronous Classes Right for Me?

Asynchronous classes at SNHU give you both the freedom and the structure you need to be successful.

Learn the differences between online (asynchronous) and in-person/scheduled (synchronous) college courses:


Asynchronous Learning

Synchronous Learning

Scheduled class times






Scheduled interaction with peers/instructor



Office hours with instructors



Set deadlines




Networking opportunities



Note: In some of SNHU's online asynchronous classes, there are some synchronous opportunities.

SNHU has one of the longest-running online degree programs around – since 1995, in fact. Some of the additional benefits of online asynchronous classes at SNHU are:

  • More affordable: Take advantage of some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation.
  • More programs and classes: Choose from 200+ degrees and 1,700+ courses online.
  • More term starts: Start during any of the 6 undergraduate terms and 5 graduate terms per year.

Asynchronous Learning Doesn't Mean You're Alone

You might not be in the same physical room as instructors and peers, but the online asynchronous format can keep you just as focused as an in-person format.

Michael Reynolds with the text Michael Reynolds"The course structure enabled me to create my own study schedule while still feeling connected to my professors and fellow students," said Michael Reynolds '19, who earned his MA in English and Creative Writing. "The process of posting and responding to posts each week pulled the students together and kept us engaged in each other’s work while evolving our own."

Stay connected by:

  • Building community online. Whether it's in your classes or through our relationship-building SNHUconnect platform, you can discuss both your program and your outside interests.
  • Attending virtual conferences and webinars. The career team holds events every month, and you can develop skills through events like our LEADS Conference.
  • Doing internships or experiential-learning projects. These allow you to engage in work-related activities that align with your program – giving you the chance to get credit by working for real-world companies and employers. Check out opportunities like the HEaRT Challenge

NOTE: There are a handful of graduate programs that are not 100% asynchronous and are based around cohorts, which have some in-person learning requirements. Your admission counselor will let you know if your program isn't fully online.


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