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Loan Counseling

Entrance Loan Counseling

If you are a first time borrower of Direct Loans, it is a requirement that you complete Entrance Loan Counseling before any Direct loans can be disbursed.

Loan Counseling is designed to educate you, the student loan borrower, of your rights and responsibilities to Federal Student Loans.

  • If you have a Direct Loans only, visit to complete loan entrance counseling for your Direct Loans
  • If you have a Grad PLUS Loan, visit to complete loan entrance counseling for your Graduate PLUS Loan

Exit Loan Counseling

As a condition of borrowing Federal Direct Student Loans, borrowers are required to complete Exit Counseling when they leave the university for any amount of time (including taking a term off) or graduated (including moving from one degree program to the next). Through Exit Counseling, a student borrower:

  • Reviews their borrowing history and loan servicer
  • Forecasts monthly payments and how they look under a variety of repayment plans
  • Identifies strategies to successfully manage repayment

As a Federal Direct Student Loan borrower, we are required to remind you of your responsibility to complete Exit Counseling. Complete this counseling requirement online by signing into your student borrower account.