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SNHU International Application Provisions Due to COVID-19

The following provisions are approved for all applicants

Free Deferral to a Future Term

Accepted students who are unable to attend for the semester to which they applied will have the opportunity to defer their acceptance to a future term of their choice without being required to pay an additional application fee, resubmit their application, or resubmit any application materials. Accepted students must enroll within one year of the term indicated on the original acceptance offer. Students who have already submitted financial documents should contact their admission counselor or to determine if new financial documents will need to be submitted.


While SNHU continues to require official transcripts and academic documents for full admission, first-year applications for undergraduate programs and graduate applications from official partners may be considered for a limited admission based on unofficial transcripts. SNHU will now offer “Accept, Evaluation Pending” (AEP) to First -year undergraduate applicants and graduate applicants who apply with the help of an official partner who meet our admission criteria and submit unofficial (scanned) academic documents as long as the applicant is eligible for AEP admission consideration.

Students whose status is AEP must: 

  • Submit a signed attestation of degree completion for the equivalency of a US high school degree or US conferred bachelor’s degree and attest to the accuracy of the submitted unofficial transcripts 


  • Submit a signed attestation of expected degree completion for the equivalency of a US high school degree or US bachelor’s degree and attest to the accuracy of the submitted unofficial transcripts. Students who submit the attestation of anticipated completion and are offered admission to SNHU must provide proof of completion prior to issuance of their I20. 

An official transcript(or attested copy) showing degree conferral must be provided to SNHU by the end of the first term at SNHU or the student will be unable to continue in their degree program. Official transcripts are issued by the institution in a sealed and stamped envelope. 

The official copy must include appropriate authentication or verification based on the institution’s country and SNHU’s requirements. Until the official transcript is received, the student will not be able to register for a second semester of study. Extremely extenuating circumstances will be reviewed in a case by case situation if necessary, and may require additional documentation to satisfy this requirement. Discrepancies between the unofficial and official documents may be grounds for dismissal from SNHU.

Students should submit official transcripts to International Admission as soon as possible, ideally prior to arrival and the start of the semester as final transcripts may impact first term course requirements. No transfer credits or course waivers will be processed, nor scholarships disbursed based on unofficial transcripts. Transfer credits, course waivers, and scholarship disbursement will be completed after the necessary official final documentation is received. 3+1 applicants are NOT eligible for AEP. SNHU’s International Admission will determine an applicant’s eligibility for AEP consideration.

Unofficial transcripts, bank documents, affidavits of support, and copies of passport page may be submitted via email to: 
Undergraduate or ESL Admission:
Graduate Admission:

All official academic documents must be mailed or delivered to: 

Southern New Hampshire University

International Admission – Gustafson Center
2500 North River Road, Manchester, NH 03106, USA

Students may submit academic documents in person after they arrive on campus at the beginning of the semester, as long as they remain sealed.

English Language Proficiency Scores

Students wishing to enter directly into an Undergraduate or Graduate academic program must provide evidence of English proficiency*. For those applicants facing difficulties providing evidence of English proficiency due to closure of testing centers or agencies, SNHU accepts the Duolingo English Test, which can be taken online at any time. Applicants must score 100 to enter directly into an Undergraduate or Graduate academic program and 95 to enter our Undergraduate Language Studies (Academic English Bridge) program. Students with lower scores will be able to obtain conditional admission for their academic program with placement in ESL. Learn more and take the test by clicking this link (scores will automatically be sent to SNHU if this link is used):

*Not required for ESL applicants or those with conditional admission planning to study at SNHU’s Intensive English Program before matriculation. 

Other Standardized Tests

SNHU continues to be a test-blind institution. SAT, ACT, GMAT, or GRE scores are NOT required or considered for admission or scholarship purposes.

Proof of Financial Support

Applicants to SNHU are required to submit an official document demonstrating the ability to cover the financial obligation of studying in the US for the first year. This is a requirement of US immigration in order for SNHU to issue the I20. Those applicants facing difficulties providing a bank statement due to closures or other delays are encouraged to submit their other documents to receive an admission decision by email. Once the bank has reopened, the bank statement should be emailed to SNHU as soon as possible.


Going forward, and for all future terms, a deposit will now be required for accepted students* to secure their place on campus at SNHU. Accepted students will be contacted by International Admission and asked to complete an “enrollment intent form” and pay their deposit prior to receiving their I20. Deposits will be applied toward first semester tuition and are fully refundable for students who have their visa denied or on a case-by-case hardship basis. The deposit is non-refundable in other circumstances.

*European applicants are exempt from the deposit requirement.


As part of the commitment to international students and their academic achievement, Southern New Hampshire University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for incoming students. Learn more here.

I20 Issuance & Acceptance Packages

SNHU will continue to issue I20s and send by physical mail, when possible. Accepted students who provide all of the necessary submissions to obtain an I20 can receive their I20 via email if mail service is temporarily disrupted in their country. Physical I20s will be sent along with a physical acceptance package by FedEx as soon as mail service is restored. 

For more information on the above, please contact SNHU International Programs:
Phone/WhatsApp: +1 603-645-9629
WeChat: daphne_net

To learn more about SNHU’s COVID-19 response, please visit