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A woman reviewing her personal growth and professional development plan on sticky notes

How to Create a Personal Growth and Professional Development Plan

You know you want to be an asset in your workplace, but where do you begin? If you’re interested in creating a personal development plan or working toward personal growth, you're likely to learn new skills and strengthen abilities you already have along the way.
A woman writing down her short- and long-term goals for work on sticky notes

Setting Goals for Work: Planning Short- and Long-term Career Goals

Whether you’d like to start your own business, publish a novel or work your way up the corporate ladder, setting short- and long-term goals is the key to forming an achievable strategy for the trajectory of your career. These examples and resources will help you develop your own goals.
A woman succeeds in her entry-level bachelor's degree job

What Jobs Can You Get with a Bachelor’s Degree?

In today's evolving job market, having a bachelor's degree is a key credential to start and grow a career across many fields. But what jobs can you get with a bachelor's degree? We've compiled a list of potential bachelor's degree jobs in social sciences, liberal arts, science and technology.
A man in a work group setting introducing himself to another man with an elevator pitch

What is an Elevator Pitch? Examples for Students and Job Seekers

You never know when you’ll find yourself in a networking situation, so it’s good to be prepared wherever you go. You can do this by developing an elevator pitch, or a brief overview of your professional and educational accomplishments, skills and career goals.

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