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Blue over lay over SNHU student in engineering class

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A cartoon laptop and tablet surrounded by clouds with varying forms of technology applications, showing what cloud computing is.

What is Cloud Computing?

When you stream your favorite music or shop online with your favorite retailer, you're taking advantage of cloud computing. But what is cloud computing, really? Explore this fast-growing computer science field and how to get started with a cloud computing career.
Norma DePriest

Student Named National Cyber Scholar While Wrapping Up 3rd SNHU Degree

From childhood, computers fascinated Norma DePriest ’19, and she had an eye for their security risks, too. Now, the National Cyber Scholar and mentor is just weeks away from finishing her master’s degree in cyber security — her third degree from SNHU.
A man and two women looking at a monitor working on a computer science project

What Can You Do with a Computer Science Degree?

With a computer science degree, you can embark on a career with dozens of potential job roles suited to your interests. You can use the knowledge you develop earning your degree to work in a wide range of potential careers, from software engineering to computer programming or system analysis.
An aeronautical engineer working on a computer in a lab.

What is Aeronautical Engineering?

If you’ve ever dreamed of designing the next generation supersonic airplane or watching the biggest jet engine soar, you may have considered a career in aeronautical engineering. Here are some fundamental questions to help you decide if the field is right for you.

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