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Accelerated Degree Programs Online Bachelor's to Master's

Get your master's faster with Southern New Hampshire University's accelerated online degrees. This affordable bachelor's-to-master's option lets you earn a graduate degree in less time for less money.

With the online accelerated option, you can take up to 4 graduate-level courses at the undergraduate tuition rate during your bachelor's degree program. Once you've completed your bachelor's degree, those graduate-level courses can be applied toward your master's degree at SNHU.

Plus, you can save even more time and money when you transfer in previously earned college credits or get credit for prior learning!

Benefits of a Bachelor's-to-Master's Option

Earning your master's degree can set you apart in a competitive field and have a positive impact on your career. More than ever, employers are looking for the advanced skills, knowledge and experience a master's degree provides.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs that require a master’s degree at an entry-level are projected to grow at nearly 14% by 2031, faster than all other education levels.1

And, according to CareerBuilder, 33% of employers surveyed raised educational requirements across the board and are now hiring workers with a master's degree for positions previously held by someone with a four-year degree.2

The BLS also reports that workers with graduate degrees had the highest median earnings and lowest unemployment rates among all workers in 2021.1

Faster Master's Majors

SNHU offers accelerated options in 6 fields, so you can be on your way to earning your master's degree in a growing industry faster – and for less money.

Start Your Career Sooner

Karen Wilkinson with the text Karen Wilkinson"With SNHU’s accelerated programs, learners can save time and money. Due to less downtime between degree studies and reduced time commitment overall, students can obtain their master's degree more quickly and enter the job market sooner," said Karen Wilkinson, associate dean of communication.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in getting a faster master's, your first step is to apply to one of the 6 bachelor's programs that offer an accelerated option.

From there, you'll work directly with your academic advisor to review the eligibility requirements for the accelerated master's degree. This includes having completed 90 credits – 75% – of your bachelor's degree.

If you meet the requirements, your advisor will guide you through the process to register for your graduate classes at the undergraduate tuition rate.

Eligibility requirements:

  • GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • Minimum of 90 credits completed
  • Major coursework completed, including capstone
  • Waiver requirement for graduate courses met

Frequently Asked Questions