Emily Massa

BA Elementary Education

"We had opportunities starting freshman year."

Having known from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher, Emily Massa has gathered the tools to fulfill her aspiration at SNHU.

A dual major in elementary and special education from Scarborough, Maine, Massa was leaning toward attending college in her home state until she toured the SNHU campus late in her college search.

“When I came on campus, I just got this great feeling,” she says. “I loved everyone I met and everything I heard. ... I really just felt at home.”

After enrolling as an elementary-education major, Massa liked a special-education class she took and learned about SNHU’s dual major in elementary and special education. “You graduate in the same amount of time as getting just an elementary-ed degree,” she says. “I thought that was perfect for me.”

During her time at SNHU, Massa has learned from the seasoned teachers she’s observed elementary-school classrooms. One highlight was a course on integrating arts into education that met for two hours a week in instructor Gail Boucher’s third-grade classroom in Auburn, N.H.

“We went to her class after the school day ended,” Massa says. “She would talk all about how to be creative, and just really fun ways to teach. I had so much fun in that class.”

An SNHU Student Ambassador and former Student Government Association officer, Massa capped her college experience with full-time student teaching assignment in a sixth-grade class during her last semester. “When the students say, ‘Good morning Miss Massa,’ that makes my heart melt,” she says.

Testimonial quote re: elementary education program

“We had opportunities starting freshman year to sit in on elementary classrooms and just learn from the teachers. The SNHU professors are great, and I loved everything I learned in my classes, but being in an actual elementary school really supplemented it and just made it an amazing experience.”