Josh Slusher

BA Psychology, Class of 2014

"My career wouldn’t be anywhere without my degree. It began everything."

Josh Slusher's professional life has taken some unexpected turns since he graduated but he said he's continued to advance his career thanks to the degree he earned at Southern New Hampshire University.

After completing his bachelor's in psychology he was hired at an agency that worked with disabled individuals and was later promoted to branch manager. When that company went out of business, a recruiter contacted him through LinkedIn and he went to work as a sales representative for a home medical supplier. Since being invited to apply for an operations management position in the company, Slusher said he's moved steadily upward and now runs 11 of the company's offices.

"My career wouldn't be anywhere without my degree. It began everything," he said. "Without my degree I would be nowhere near where I'm at today."

While medical supplies and psychology may not seem closely related, Slusher said he uses what he learned in his program every day, particularly when it comes to "understanding people," building relationships and communicating effectively. "I think psychology was perfect for me ... because it is so broad," he said.