Oladele (David) Adeoye

BS Business Admin, Class of 2017

"My degree has improved my communication skills ... and it is helping me to do better in my current position as a project specialist."

Oladele Adeoye achieved one important goal when he earned his first computer science degree from a school in Nigeria. But he saw the value of obtaining a second degree from a reputable university in the United States and selected Southern New Hampshire University's online program as the perfect fit. As he worked to earn his SNHU degree, he made progress on two secondary priorities too - improving his communication skills and developing his ability to make decisions.

Adeoye said potential students to be prepared mentally for daily challenges. "SNHU is loaded with good academic advisors, good lecturers, good teaching materials, and the social activity is superb," he said. "The thing that made the biggest impression on me in this program was my lecturers' motivating and encouraging attitude toward me. They all wanted me to succeed in my studies at all cost."

"Education is the best legacy," Adeoye said. "The price for knowledge is greater than all riches in the world (though) I understand that there are a lot of distractions and bad influences in our society." By contrast, he called himself "a living example" of the necessity of staying focused and never quitting. "Nothing good comes easy," he said.

"The most beneficial part about my experience with SNHU was that it opened my eyes to several job opportunities. It helps in career advancement," Adeoye said. "My degree has improved my communication skills, impacted my professional life, and it is helping me to do better in my current position as a project specialist."

Now that he has his bachelor's degree under his belt, he plans to seek a better job and continue to further his education. "I will enroll in some IT professional courses by November of this year, and apply for a master's degree program as well," he Adeoye said.