Tyler Kerby

BA General Studies, Class of 2014

"I’ve bettered my life (and I) already have career options once I graduate."

Tyler Kerby was going through a difficult time. After earning his associate degree, he went through a painful divorce, the death of a loved one and nearly lost one of his two children. He said he fell into a "deep depression."

Eventually, the former firefighter he decided to use education to focus his energy and earn the degree he needed to advance his law enforcement career. He said he found what he was looking for at Southern New Hampshire University. In addition to becoming the first in his family to graduate from college, Kerby hopes he is a role model for his kids.

"I also want to set an educational precedent for my young children to illustrate how much you can do despite adverse circumstances," he said.

Kerby said he wanted to earn his bachelor's degree to be able to work with kids as a teacher or probation officer. The degree will open several career pathways, he said. "SNHU helped change my life in all positive ways ... ," Kerby said. "I've learned a lot in my chosen course of study. I've bettered my life (and I) already have career options once I graduate."

Kerby said he often talks to friends and family about the value of online education. Several have enrolled in classes themselves, he said.

"I try to exemplify how possible it is to get something like a bachelor's degree in the middle of life's chaos," Kerby said.