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Blue over lay over SNHU student in engineering class

Career Tips & Advice

A career advisor holding a student’s resume, listening to the student talk about what she wants to include in a cover letter.

What is a CV?

Seasoned career navigators as well as new job seekers may have heard of a certain professional document referred to as a CV. SNHU Career helps you understand what a CV is, what CV stands for, what to include and when to use a CV vs. a resume for your goals.
 A yellow background with a graphic laptop showing the SNHU digital badges available

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges offer palpable recognition you can share and take with you — even if you move on to another organization. If your workplace offers digital badges, badging could help you develop practical abilities in a verifiable way you can leverage throughout your career.
A yellow background with a cartoon hand holding a scale with a cartoon brain on one side and a heart on the other

SNHU Students Expand Emotional Intelligence With Experiential Learning

The Emotional Intelligence (EI) Experiential Learning Challenge, which ran from February-April 2023, gave eligible SNHU students a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom. Students learned key EI skills applicable to the workplace and built valuable connections with peers.
A woman sitting and writing an effective resume on a laptop

How to Write an Effective Resume

Recruiters and hiring managers aren’t familiar with your unique journey. They need a logical map to understand your path — and that's where your resume can help. Learn how to write an effective resume and build the bridge to connect your professional past with your successful future.

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