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Blue over lay over SNHU student in engineering class

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A medical professional wearing a stethoscope and researching what healthcare administration is on her computer.

What is Healthcare Administration?

Healthcare administration describes leadership roles held by managers in hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies and medical offices. In these settings, healthcare administrators oversee a broad range of administrative tasks, including operations, finance, human resources and policies.
A male nurse wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope writing in a medical chart.

The Male Nurse: Benefits and Percentages of Men in Nursing

There are more male nurses today than at any other point, which is a testament to the growth and diversity of the nursing field. If you are considering whether nursing is for you, then bear in mind factors such as the education, benefits and pay of being a nurse.
A nursing professional that finished the degree needed to become a nurse, wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope and meeting with a pediatric patient.

What Degree Do You Need to Become a Nurse?

If you want to establish a rewarding nursing career, you're probably wondering what sort of degree you'll need. There are minimum educational requirements to qualify for the nursing licensure exam, and you may decide to gain additional credentials to help you advance in your role.
A family nurse practitioner explaining something with a tablet to her patient, a child.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are needed in just about every facet of healthcare, from hospitals and private practice to home healthcare and skilled care facilities. Anywhere healthcare decisions are being made, nurse practitioners have an important role.

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