Amanda Bell

MS Human Resource Management

"Everyone seems to have a heart and cares about the online students at SNHU!"

In 2013, my current employer had asked me to move into a position relative to human resources. The company also ended up removing themselves from being strictly involved with one major company, and is now a company of their own. With that said, they needed to have a management team of their own in human resources. Due to my lack of a degree, I was not able to move into any of those positions. That is when I decided it was time for me to continue my education and obtain an MS in Human Resource Management to assist me in advancing in my career.

My husband had already been taking online classes with SNHU, and he always talked about how much he enjoyed it, and I never heard him complain. So I started the process online and ended up chatting with Devin, my academic advisor. Devin was very helpful and explained everything to me. He never hesitated in answering any of my questions. He knew the answer right away. I also enjoyed his "CONGRATULATIONS" e-mails at the end of each term. They are very motivational, and it kept me excited and ready to take on my next class/term. He was also very understanding.

During my third term, I had quite a bit happen, personally, but he kept calling and e-mailing to make sure everything was okay and attempted to keep me on task. For that, I will always be grateful because it made me feel that someone cared about my education, and he didn't even know me! Devin is not the only one who has been great throughout the time I have been with SNHU; the instructors have been awesome as well! Everyone seems to have a heart and cares about the online students at SNHU! I appreciate all of them and cannot thank them enough for everything they have helped me with so far! With all of that said: THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart — THANK YOU!