Barbara Natalizio

Certificate - Project Management (Grad)

"The certificate brings more credibility and more money down the road."

She didn’t flinch last year when, after being promoted from her job as an accountant to the quality department at a southern New Hampshire hospital, she learned that a condition of the new position was to earn a graduate certificate in project management.

“I had managed numerous projects without the title,” Barbara says. “And in addition to projects at the hospital, my husband and I run an at-home publishing business, where we do everything from concept to completion.”

Classes about Six Sigma quality management and organizational leadership generated plenty of homework. But Barbara and her classmates helped one another, meeting weekly to review case studies.

“We learned and we were able to apply it,” she says.

In classes, professors were knowledgeable, thorough and encouraging.

“They explained the whys, which helped us to assimilate it,” Barbara says.

The program was also a confidence-booster.

“I really benefited,” Barbara says. “With having done it in the past, and having a map to follow, it will be so much easier going forward.”

The graduate certificate in project management comes with yet another opportunity: the qualification Barbara needs to take the Project Management Institute test, an industry certification test that will allow her to become a Project Management Professional.

“Definitely, the courses I took helped prepare me for that,” Barbara says of the test, which she plans to take soon. “It brings more credibility and more money down the road.”