Harry Schaeffer

Certificate - Project Management (Grad), Class of 2009

"When you stop learning, you stop earning."

With more than three decades of operations, project and managerial experience, you’d think Harry Schaeffer ‘04 and ’09 didn’t have much to learn.

But while working toward his Global M.B.A. at SNHU, Harry found the project management courses he took provided valuable information for his role as operations manager overseeing distribution, transportation and customer service at True Value Company in Manchester, N.H. He began pursuing a graduate certificate in project management as well.

“One thing is true about operations: Somewhere in time, you’re going to be asked to run projects. The question is whether you have the tools you need to increase your probability of success,” he says. “That’s what I think this certificate program brings: the tools to be successful.”

Harry took the university’s project management certification test prep course and likely will pursue certification through the Project Management Institute. He also plans to return for a full master’s in operations and project management.

“I always believed when you stop learning, you stop earning,” he says.

Prior to enrolling at SNHU, Harry, who had no college degree, had climbed the ranks at True Value Company. He became an assistant vice president before deciding something was missing.

“As the company became larger, it was obvious, that if I were going to rise to the rank of executive, that I needed to have a degree behind me,” he says.

Before pursuing graduate work, Harry earned his associate and bachelor’s degrees in business administration at SNHU. At one point he moved to Kentucky and continued taking classes through SNHU Online.

“I didn’t know in the early 2000s where I was going to land,” he says. “I knew I could continue my education and not start over again at a different college. I thought the whole SNHU experience was great.”