Steve Wallace

Certificate - Project Management (Grad)

"The experiences, interaction, and flexibility are why I chose SNHU."

Some might say that Steve Wallace circled the globe in his quest for higher education. Stationed as a Marine in Maine in 1984, he met his wife, Richelle, and spent the next 21 years serving in 18 countries and 49 states. Now as president and executive director of the Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber of Commerce, he started his MBA in Project Management from SNHU Brunswick.

"I just started taking my first two classes – both hybrid -- and the instructors are exceptional," said Wallace. "With MBA classes, I’m finding there is a different, higher level of expectation."

"I enjoy the hybrid classes because I get some in-class time, as well as the convenience and flexibility of online. If I have to attend an event on behalf of the Chamber in the evening, which is often, when I get home at 10 pm I can jump on my computer and get some class work done. The flexibility and support I receive from SNHU makes it manageable for me."

Balancing, work, life and school can be challenging, but worth it.

"My wife and I have been foster parents to several children over the years," said Wallace, "and we feel very fortunate to both have great jobs. It’s very satisfying for us to be able to give some of that back, and inspire young people to work hard and to know that great success is attainable."

Wallace recalls his first night in class when his marketing professor showed a PowerPoint presentation that was immediately relevant to a script he was writing on behalf of the Chamber.

"What I like about these classes is that the professors really make you think," he said. "It’s not just facts and information you have to memorize, it’s learning how to use a thought process, developing critical skills to make decisions. The first night in class I understood the added value these courses – these professors – are bringing to my own business experience every day."

"Getting my M.B.A. is a huge sense of personal pride," Wallace said. "I'm the first member of my family to get an undergraduate degree, let alone an advanced degree. I find it easier now to be a student, despite the time management challenges, because I am more disciplined and have the ability to make choices."

"For me, getting my M.B.A. is more about the experiences and the interaction and the knowledge gained, and less about the piece of paper that says I’ve graduated. I get all that and more at SNHU."