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SNHU students playing sports

We Are Penmen Discover how we got our name, and what it means to us today. 

Inspired by our past, ready for the future.

New Hampshire School of Accounting and Commerce Seal

When SNHU opened its doors in 1932 as the New Hampshire School of Accounting and Commerce, we called ourselves “Penmen.” It was an homage to the accountants and clerks of Colonial New England, who bravely banded together to form a new nation. Alongside merchants, lawyers, farmers and physicians, they proved that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Today, the name of our school has changed. But the Penmen remain. We’re people with different stories, beliefs, backgrounds, and dreams. Of different races, ages, abilities, identities, orientations, and professions. 

United again, as we once were, by a shared belief: that education is mightier than any challenge it faces.