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The Commons at SNHU Setting yourself up for success in college, career and beyond

Campus-Based General Education Program

At Southern New Hampshire University, we believe your college years should be a transformative experience that readies you for whatever comes next.

When it comes to your career, that means not only being knowledgeable in your field, but also being a collaborative team player, critical thinker and empathetic decision-maker.

That’s why our degree programs not only include core major and degree-specific courses, but also a highly applicable general education experience to meet the demands of today’s employers.

Preparing for Success

In our general education program — known as The Commons — you'll have the opportunity to develop a wide range of essential skills that will contribute to your success in both your SNHU classes and future career. Here are some key things you'll learn as part of this core undergraduate curriculum:

  • Communication and collaboration. Practice expressing your thoughts effectively and working together with others in various situations.
  • Decision-making. Learn how to create informed, ethical solutions to complex problems.
  • Intercultural fluency. Learn to effectively engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Using theoretical and practical tools. Develop the ability to apply both conceptual knowledge and practical skills to solve problems and make informed decisions.

While developing these skills in The Commons, you'll set yourself up to excel academically at SNHU and thrive in dynamic workplaces.

Embracing Your Role as a Global Citizen

At SNHU, we believe education’s purpose is to work toward creating a more just and equitable society. The Commons serves to empower you to embrace the journey of lifelong learning, giving you the knowledge, skills and disposition you need to effect positive change in the world around you. By helping others, fostering creativity and speaking up for what you believe in, you can become a responsible global citizen.

Curriculum Structure

The Commons consists of general education courses in three areas: Cornerstone, Exploration and Culmination.

  1. Cornerstone courses are intended to build the foundational skills like research, writing and mathematical reasoning that you’ll need to succeed in college. You’ll also begin exploring topics like cultural awareness, equity and sustainability.
  2. Exploration courses are built to empower you to embrace your role as a responsible citizen through our expansive range of subjects. These courses were designed to instill values and knowledge that enable you to actively engage locally and globally. And in exploring a wide range of courses, you may discover new interests that you'll decide to develop further.
  3. Culmination courses help bridge the gap between learnings from your field of study and their usefulness as a global citizen. You’ll discover the interconnectedness of various disciplines, helping you put your new perspective into action.

Throughout these experiences, you’ll have multiple courses to choose from, helping you curate your studies in a way that fulfills personal and professional goals. And with a wide range of courses from across the university, you'll have room to explore and make connections between fields.

The Commons general education program aims to set you up for success — first in your academic career at SNHU, and then also in your professional and personal life after graduating. The skills you learn in these courses will prove practical, transferable and invaluable as you grow in your career and contribute positively in society.