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SNHU Career Services Helping you get a return on your educational investment.

Career Services for Life

Your career journey could be a straight line or an intricate adventure. Either way, your Southern New Hampshire University education and experience – combined with the support of our dedicated career services team – can help prepare you for professional success and career advancement.

What Does a College Career Advisor Do? | SNHU Support

From day 1 at SNHU, you’ll have access to FREE career services like:

  • Career exploration and advising
  • Résumé writing assistance
  • Weekly webinars
  • Portfolio development
  • Thousands of job postings
  • Interview preparation

The career services team works with you during your time at SNHU and after graduation to help you explore, create, collaborate and apply to reach your career goals.


SNHU has more than 200 high-quality, career-focused programs developed with you and your career in mind. Not sure which one is right for you? As soon as you’re an accepted student, we’ll guide you through the process of exploring your career interests.

Let us help you explore:

  • Career assessments. Better understand your strengths and interests and learn how they can translate to a potential major and career path.
  • Career path resources. Learn about points of entry and typical career ladders in a specific occupation or professional area.
  • Individual career coaching. Talk with an advisor to get expert guidance on the skills and experience needed to pursue your chosen field.
Clyrese Minor, a 2023 graduate of SNHU's BS in Business Administration program

What SNHU Students are Saying

Clyrese Minor ’23

“My career advisor directed me to resources that helped me connect with professionals in my industry, and I was offered 3 jobs using Handshake. I accepted a paid internship, a summer job as a financial representative, and the final position I am most proud of with the federal government.” 


SNHU continuously updates and improves courses and programs to align with the needs of the modern workforce and help you develop the skills employers want. When the time comes to showcase your professional skill set, we can help you create a resume and cover letter that stand out to potential employers.

How we can help you create:

  • Resume assistance. Get professional help with resume writing, portfolio development and even mock interviews.
  • Webinars and videos. Watch videos online, anytime – like our 3-minute Handshake Profile Tutorial. Or attend our webinar on tailor-made resumes.
  • Service opportunities. Build your resume by volunteering with organizations though SNHU’s annual Global Days of Service.


Networking while you're in college can open doors to help ease your transition into a career. Opportunities for internships, jobs and mentorship often come from your network. It’s important to cultivate those connections well before you need them for career support.

Opportunities to collaborate:

  • Alumni community. Connect with SNHU alumni in and out of your field to bolster your professional network.
  • Internships. Test drive potential jobs and start networking with people in your field through a for-credit or non-credit internship.
  • Experiential learning. Work with potential employers and fellow students to solve real-world problems through hands-on projects embedded in your coursework. 

Reach Your Career Goals at SNHU (:30) (11/2022 - 07/2023)


We have partnerships with employers across the U.S. who are interested in hiring SNHU graduates. In 2023, we connected with over 4,000 new employers, and more than 19,000 employers offered 100,000+ full-time and part-time jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

Ways we can help you apply:

  • Career fairs. Talk to potential employers at job fairs offered on our Manchester campus and through virtual events online.
  • Employer spotlight. Learn more about available jobs with a specific company and gain insight into their hiring process.
  • Recruiting programs. Access jobs and internships offered exclusively to SNHU students and alumni through Handshake.
  • Military career advising. Get advice from an advisor who understands your specific needs and can help you leverage your skills to launch a new career.

The Cycle of Career Success

Your first job may not be your final career destination, but our support doesn’t stop when you graduate. If your initial job isn’t a perfect fit, our career services team is here to help at any stage of your professional journey. As industries continuously evolve and transform, your SNHU education and experience – along with our dedicated teams of faculty and staff – help prepare you for the ongoing cycle of career progression. 

How Career Services Can Support You From Day 1

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