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Army ROTC Program at SNHU

The Army ROTC Program at SNHU puts you on a path toward becoming an effective leader capable of communicating, managing, and motivating others toward a common goal. Cadets who successfully complete Army ROTC training are commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants upon graduation with part-time (Reserve Component) or full-time (Active Component) jobs.

ROTC offers exciting & challenging training that features classroom instruction, physical fitness training, leadership laboratories and field training exercises. Our program consists of over 120 cadets who are strong leaders and citizens, active on campus and in the community.

In the summer between a student's sophomore and junior year, Cadet Initial Entry Training is required for all cadets who did not participate in the ROTC program during their freshman and sophomore years. For all cadets, the Cadet Leadership Course is required in the summer between the student's junior and senior year. Cadets may also optionally compete for other exciting summer training, including Airborne School, Air Assault School, the Cultural Understanding & Language Program and more..

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Basic Courses

Leadership Laboratory (MIS 201)

Introduction to ROTC (MIS 213)

Introduction to ROTC II (MIS 203)

Self/Team Development (MIS 301)

Individual/Team Military Tactics (MIS 302)

Advanced Courses

Leader Training Course

Leading Small Organizations I (MIS 401)

Leading Small Organizations II (MIS 402)

Leader Challenges and Goal Setting (MIS 411)

Leadership and Management (MIS 412)

Officer Internship (MIS 495)