Amy Tatro

MA History - American History, Class of 2015

"SNHU has given me a chance I never thought I would get."

I am 26 and living in northern Vermont. Recently, my husband has been diagnosed with a chronic illness that means he cannot work and we spend a lot of time traveling New England for doctors and tests. I work two jobs to make up the difference and one is working at a hockey academy for girls. Teaching at this school has opened a world to me I never expected to enjoy. I had majored in history as an undergraduate, but teaching it opened history in a new way. I found my passion in life.

Unfortunately the school is not full-time and I did not know I would love teaching so much in college so I never got my teaching license. I realized with my sick husband that I needed to find a job that I loved going to and could make enough to support us. I realized that getting my master’s in history would open more doors and opportunities to me. There were no programs that were easily accessible to myself in my area, not to mention after working over 12 hours a day, traveling an hour or so to sit in a two-hour class was probably not going to work.

I saw the commercial for SNHU and decided to look. The young woman who gave me all the information on the program over the phone was incredibly nice and welcoming; she answered everything. I realized I could be a part of a unique program that was done on my terms and timing. Money was a major issue for me and the program gave me many ways to pay, not to mention it was not as expensive as many other programs.

Two semesters later, I have learned so much, information I am bringing into my high school class already. I feel like even though life is on pause for my husband and me, in other ways, this has allowed us to keep moving forward. SNHU has given me a chance I never thought I would get. I feel like I am accomplishing something and when I graduate with a master’s and can make one of my favorite things to do my job, I will have SNHU to thank for it!