Chris DiFranco

MBA Project Management, Class of 2015

"Balancing my work and school life has been easy thanks to SNHU."

Growing up in a tightknit community a few minutes north of Boston has instilled a lasting pride for such a strong city. After completing my undergraduate studies at a local university, I hit the highway and headed far enough West to avoid New England’s cold winters and to enjoy some of the Pacific Ocean’s beautiful beaches.

Being across the U.S. and attending SNHU has really opened my eyes to how well online learning systems can establish an effective learning environment. With the help of my peers and academic advisor, each semester I come out of my classes refreshed and ready to build upon my newly obtained knowledge.

As an aerospace engineer, the MBA program has broadened my horizons. Now, not only do I understand the technical side, but also the business and management functions of the industry. With my grueling travel schedule, I often have to type research papers on a cramped airplane, but balancing my work and school life has been easy thanks to SNHU.

As an undergraduate student I found that with large classes it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Here at SNHU, I have found professors truly care about your success and are extremely open to discussing further topics outside the scope of the class. This allows students to become engaged and communicate with their professors, while also pushing students’ curiosity to continue to ask questions. I would recommend SNHU to anyone interested in pursuing an MBA.