Steven Singleton

MS Sport Management, Class of 2016

"I went back to school because I wanted more for my career and my family. This degree has opened doors...This moment is huge for us."

When his professional baseball career ended, Steven Singleton knew he wanted to stay connected to the game. He also knew that to work in the front office he needed to complete his education. That decision led him to study online at Southern New Hampshire University.

Singleton played for a number of minor league baseball teams from 2006-11. He was “in limbo” when that career came to an end, and he couldn’t advance professionally without completing his education.

“You basically need a degree. So for me, it was very important to go back to school to get that degree so I could further my career in professional sports,” Singleton said. “I knew I had experience and background, but at the same time if you don’t have a degree, that’s going to really close you off from a lot of opportunities and getting my degree has opened a ton of doors for me ... .”

Singleton said the flexibility of the online coursework was also valuable given his other responsibilities, including two young sons and a part-time job as a baseball coach and another giving baseball lessons.

“Online education is really the only possible way that I could have finished my degree,” Singleton said. “With two young sons, I was actually at home taking care of them during the day, taking kids to school, picking up from school. There was no possible way I could have attended class on a campus.”

Online courses allowed him to study and complete assignments on his own time. Singleton said he was able to adapt his schoolwork to fit his lifestyle and do the work when it suited his schedule. “My experience at (SNHU) has been really good,” he said.

Singleton had a job offer from a scouting agency in hand by the time he attended commencement in 2014, and was preparing to move to a new city for the opportunity.

“I went back to school because I wanted more for my career and my family,” he said. “This degree has opened doors. And with a new job and a new city, this moment is huge for us.”