Anthem Employee Earns Associate Degree and the Promotion She Wanted


Yvette Williams had a concrete goal: She needed to provide for her family and, to do that, she wanted to join the management team at Anthem, Inc. But she also had real hurdles in her way. She already had existing student loans and was loathe to add to that debt. It was Anthem’s partnership with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and the flexibility of an online degree program unlocked Williams’ path forward.

Williams recently earned her associate degree in business through SNHU’s College for America program and was promoted to a business analyst role at Anthem. Now she’s working on earning a bachelor’s degree in management with a concentration in public administration and even has plans to pursue her master’s degree to continue her educational journey.

“Earning my degree is important for me because it allowed me to earn a salary that will provide for my family,” Williams said. “My degree program has provided me with an opportunity to advance my career.”

The College for America program Williams enrolled in through Anthem’s partnership with SNHU is entirely online and specifically designed to fit the hectic schedules of working learners. Called Personal Path, this project-based program has learners demonstrate mastery of specific skills by completing projects instead of taking weekly classes and scheduled tests. This unique program also gives learners the freedom to advance quickly through subjects already they know—to complete their degrees soon and for less money.

“Online courses have allowed me to balance motherhood and my career,” Williams said. “I have been able to focus on school because the internet makes it readily available to me anywhere … With CfA, I am provided with all of the necessary resources in order to master my work.”

Along with using on-the-job knowledge to complete projects, the program also gives learners new skills they can immediately apply in the workplace. Williams said she relied on the knowledge she gained during her studies to successfully write a budget for a project at work.

Anthem also made it easier for Williams to achieve her educational goals without exacerbating her student loan debt. Thanks to Anthem’s partnership with SNHU, Anthem associates can receive up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement annually.

Williams encouraged her co-workers to take advantage of the partnership, as well as the academic support provided by SNHU advisors.

“It is well worth it,” she said. “Why not take advantage? SNHU is a great school that provides support to students. My advisor … always provides me with the support and encouragement needed. She has been my biggest cheerleader during the journey.”

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