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Subject Matter Expert Views on Today's News

United States Capital building with a collage of money behind it.

What is the Debt Ceiling?

Dr. Zuzana Buzzell and Associate Business Dean Kristin Regis discuss possible impacts of a legislative battle over the nation’s debt ceiling.
A woman registering to vote with voting booths behind her.

New Hampshire's Imperiled First-in-the-Nation Primary Status

Dean Spiliotes, Civic Scholar at Southern New Hampshire University, explains the impact of New Hampshire losing its status as host of the nation’s first presidential primary.
Picture of a dollar bill and its reflection beneath it

What is a Recession and is the U.S. in a Recession?

SNHU economics instructor Valbona Cela answers questions about what a recession is, whether the U.S. is in one, and offered insight about the effects of the recession on businesses and individuals and what you can do to try to prepare financially for a recession.
A doctor looking into a microscope

What is Monkeypox?

In May, the World Health Organization reported outbreaks of monkeypox in several countries. Dr. Leanne Skehan, a clinical faculty member in SNHU's public health program, answered questions about what the virus is, how it is contracted and whether experts are worried about the spread of the disease.

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