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Blue over lay over SNHU student in engineering class

Subject Matter Expert Views on Today's News

Mental Health Awareness Month: What is Mental Health and Why is it Important?

Dr. Matt Glowiak, clinical faculty in SNHU's master's in clinical mental health counseling program, offers his expert advice on what mental health and mental health awareness is, why it continues to carry stigma, and how individuals can better focus on their mental health.

How to Talk to Kids About Ukraine, War and Other Difficult Topics

As the fighting in Ukraine continues and reports of civilian deaths and other atrocities fill the airwaves, some parents are confronted with difficult questions from their children. Dr. Rebecca Sheffield, a clinical faculty member in SNHU’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, offers her advice to parents struggling to explain the war – or other difficult topics on their kids’ minds.

How the Invasion of the Ukraine is Impacting the U.S. and Global Economy

The invasion and continued fighting in the Ukraine has upended the lives of thousands of people in that country and caused upheaval in many industries around the globe. SNHU economics instructor Dr. Nicole Bissessar explains some of the economic impacts that have already happened and others that may be on the horizon.

Why is Wordle Everywhere? The Psychology Behind the Latest Social Media Craze

If you have a social media account, you’ve seen the posts. A grid of black and green squares representing a friend’s Wordle score for the day. Where did this phenomenon come from? Dr. Josh Garrin, an adjunct psychology professor at SNHU, explains the psychology behind the game and why we love to share.

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