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Three students sitting and talking on the library steps on SNHU campus

Choose a Campus You Can Be Confident In

Maybe the college you’re currently attending hasn’t worked out. Or you want to change your major to one your school doesn’t offer. Or you’ve finished your associate degree and it’s time to continue your education.

Welcome to Southern New Hampshire University, where the Office of Transfer Admission is here to help put your plans in place.

SNHU is a college that's an affordable $15,450 per academic year. It's also where you'll find 70+ majors that can help you launch your career, a picturesque New England campus and over 3,000 peers who'll help you realize you belong here.

1 in 4 

undergraduate students on campus had previously attended another college or university.
(prior to the 2022-23 academic year)

How to Apply to SNHU as a Transfer Student

You want to attend SNHU. So we make it easy. Even better, SNHU doesn't require an application fee, letters of recommendation or an admission essay.

Get started with your transfer in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out the transfer application.
  2. Submit your attestation form (to confirm high school graduation or equivalent) and transfer request form (to have us request your college transcripts on your behalf).
  3. Get your admission decision and official credit evaluation within 30 days of receipt of all forms! 
Megan Lewis-Taylor

What SNHU Students are Saying

Megan Lewis-Taylor '19, BS in Mechanical Engineering

“They really made sure that the transfer was very seamless. I feel like I'm more than just a number and I'm an actual person."

Campus Cost and Savings

Private education should be affordable. That's why SNHU radically reduced the cost of campus tuition back in 2021:


73% of campus undergraduate students were offered either institutional or federal aid
(in the 2022-23 academic year)

Did you attend community college in New Hampshire or Massachusetts?

Transfer students who enroll with a conferred associate degree from either state are eligible for a
$2,000 transfer scholarship!

What's it Really Like on Campus?

The SNHU campus is where you can be who you want to be. Work out in the 5,500-square-foot gym, or on your mind with a counselor. Join one of the 75+ clubs, or start the one you want. Make the team, or cheer one on. No matter your interests, you can decide how to make SNHU your own.

Take the Tour

SNHU Campus
Planning a visit to New Hampshire? Schedule an in-person tour. Not sure when you'll be able to see the campus? Go on the virtual tour.

Other Ways to Get Credit


SNHU accepts the credits you've earned from exams like AP or CLEP.

Community Colleges

SNHU works with colleges in New England and beyond to make the transfer even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions