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Campus Undergraduate Major Education (BA)

Enhance Your Understanding of the Education Field with a BA in Education from SNHU

The Bachelor of Arts in Education program at Southern New Hampshire University is designed to introduce you to the field of education by providing an introduction to teaching strategies and theories. Please be aware that although this is an undergraduate education major, the BA in Education program does not lead to teaching certification in the state of New Hampshire.

If you wish to earn a degree in education but do not wish to teach in a public school, this program can provide the opportunity to explore different career paths.

See Yourself Succeed with a Bachelor of Arts in Education

The BA in Education program is designed to provide an undergraduate education major for students who are not seeking teaching certification. A carefully crafted plan of study allow you to design a program geared toward accomplishing your career goals in the areas of educational services or related fields that do not require certification.

As a private, nonprofit university, SNHU has one mission - to help you see yourself succeed. The benefits of enrolling in the bachelor's in education program at SNHU include:

  • Convenience. Pursue your graduate degree or certificate where you work, and complete international field studies around your teaching schedule.
  • Supportive community. We have a deep understanding of how adults learn best, and we know all of our students personally. Our cohort model allows you to learn with colleagues.
  • Relevance. All course material and assignments apply directly to your classroom practice. An action research project serves as the capstone in place of a traditional thesis.
  • Affordability. It’s our mission to make higher education more accessible. That’s why, SNHU is one of the most affordable private, nonprofit universities in New Hampshire. 
  • Constructivist classrooms. Our instructors design the classroom experience so that it begins with your experiences and builds toward exceptional practice in a collaborative manner.
  • Impact. The action research project enables you to use your classroom as a laboratory of educational innovation.

Careers & Outcomes

The BA in Education program can provide you with the generalized education background necessary to begin a successful career in education-related fields that do not require certification; however, if you ultimately wish to become a teacher, it is recommended that you select a program specializing in the field you wish to enter.

Graduates from this program may choose to pursue careers with nonprofit organizations, youth organizations, private and charter schools, or training and development for businesses.


Acceptance into the major requires approval by the certification officer. Upon acceptance, you may select courses from related disciplines to complete the 45 credit hours for the BA in Education program. You will design a plan of study with an academic advisor from the School of Education.

Courses To Prepare You For Your Life & Career

SNHU's bachelor's in early childhood education program includes:

  • General education courses
  • Degree-specific courses

General Education Program

SNHU's required general education program, known as The Commons, aims to guide you toward success in not only your academic career, but your personal and professional life too.

Throughout the curriculum, you'll gain some of the most in-demand skills in today's workplace, including:

  • Research and information analysis
  • Diverse audience communication
  • Critical thinking and ethical problem solving
  • Leadership, emotional intelligence and collaboration

This expertise will prove practical, transferable and invaluable as you grow in your career and contribute positively to society.

Beyond foundational skill development, the general education program also provides the benefit of allowing you to explore a wide range of fields outside of your intended major.

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Campus Undergraduate Tuition

Our Manchester campus aims to keep tuition and related costs low for our students so that you can pursue your degree and your goals.

University Accreditation

New England Commission of Higher Education Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit institution accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) as well as several other accrediting bodies.

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